Virginia General Assembly Results
Virginia General Assembly Results

The General Assembly convened the 2019 legislative session in Richmond on January 9, 2019. The Hampton Roads Chamber was diligent in supporting legislation and policies that strengthens Virginia’s competitive standing in the global and national economy. 

During this year’s 45-day General Assembly session, 2362 Bills were introduced excluding commending and memorial resolutions. The Chamber continued to advance discussions on tax reform, the Port of Virginia expansion efforts, energy costs, access to capital, job growth, health care and other initiatives to ensure that the business climate in Hampton Roads remains conducive for business to thrive. 

We are proud to serve as a voice for the Hampton Roads business community and hope that you will continue to remain engaged in our advocacy effort. 


  • 2362 Bills introduced in 2019 (excludes commending and memorial resolutions)
  • 950 Passed, 1,311 Failed, 101 Consolidated
  • 401 Passed with opposition, 549 Unanimous
  • 554 Died in House Subcommittee, 449 Senate Committees, 256 Died in House Committee
  • 44% of Passed bills sponsored by Republican Senators
  • 32% of Passed bills sponsored by Democratic Senators
  • 53% of Passed bills sponsored by Republican Delegates
  • 30% of Passed bills sponsored by Democratic Delegates
  • 28% of Bills were killed with no recorded Note (73% in 2016)

2019 Hampton Roads Chamber Virginia General Assembly Results

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