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Valor Awards

2020 Valor Awards

The Hampton Roads Chamber is dedicated to showing our support for the region's first responders.

On Monday, August 10th, the Valor Awards honored Firefighters, Police Officers, Detectives, EMS personnel, Sheriff's Deputies, and 9-1-1 call center workers who save lives and protect citizens.  One special award this year, COVID-19 Frontline Heroes Award, recognizes the men and women working for Sentara Healthcare, Bon Secours Hampton Roads, and Chesapeake Regional Healthcare for their efforts during the pandemic.


2020 Community Heroes Award

The 2020 Community Heroes Award winner is Virginia Beach Camp 911.  This multi-departmental effort immersed young teens in the life of a first responder.  Virginia Beach Master Firefighter Vanessa Austin came up with the concept while determining how to become the role model her firefighter mother had been.


2020 Ultimate Valor Award

The Ultimate Valor Award is another group effort. This award recognizes the First Responders who answered the call at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center on 5/31/19.  This award honors representatives from the Virginia Beach Police Department, Virginia Beach Fire Department, Virginia Beach EMS, Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office, and the 9-1-1 call center.


2020 Investigative Merit Honorees

Three Suffolk Detectives are the honorees for Investigative Merit.

Investigator Ryan Linville spent most of 2019 working to break up a drug and firearms operation.

Detective C. A. Scherer and Detective J. Attard received recognition for efforts on July 12, 2019, following an automobile crash with a shooting fatality.


2020 Lifesaving Awards
The Lifesaving Awards were for two group efforts and a heroic rescue.

Ten members of the Chesapeake Fire Department received a lifesaving award for saving a toddler from a house fire in February 2020.  They are Lieutenant Ryan J. McFadden, Lieutenant Travis L. Robertson, Lieutenant Philip E. Waller, Senior Firefighter Lamont Atkins, Firefighter Jared W. Blanchard, Firefighter/Paramedic Eric J. Englund, Firefighter Andrew H. Mason, Firefighter Christopher M. Murphy, Firefighter Zachary A. Rolince, Firefighter Alexander C. Winecoff, Firefighter/EMT Ryan W. Morton, and Firefighter/Paramedic Michael S. Chapel.


Chesapeake Police Sergeant Brent Hunter, Senior Police Officer Chad Scott, and Police Officer Jesediah MacKenzie received lifesaving awards for saving a man from drowning when a pier collapsed in December 2019.


Norfolk Firefighter Joshua Chase received a lifesaving award for rescuing a 9-year-old child from inside a burning home on May 17, 2019.


2020 Valor Awards
The Valor Awards are the highest recognition for first responders who put their lives in danger to save a member of the community or other first responders.

Virginia Beach Police Officer Jay Keatley received a Valor Award for his efforts to detain a group of armed burglary suspects on his own in August of 2019.


Suffolk Fire Lieutenant Laurina Watson received a Valor Award for saving a colleague's life when a burning wall crashed down on her during a house fire in March of 2019.


Chesapeake Firefighter/ EMT Justin Beazley went to great heights to receive his Valor Award.  Beazley rescued a truck driver from the cab of this truck as it dangled over the side of the High Rise Bridge in April of 2020.


The Hampton Roads Chamber knows that these men and women create a safe place for people to work, live, grow their business, and play.  We know the safe environments our first responders create directly affect the economies of each city. 

The Hampton Roads Chamber thanks our Valor Award Sponsors

Presenting, Chesapeake Regional Healthcare; Media, WTKR News3; Lifesaving, The Auto Connection; Valor, Sentara Healthcare-Optima Health; Virginia Beach, Beach Federal Credit Union; COVID-19  Frontline Heroes, Bon Secours Hampton Roads; Silver, Verizon;  Host, The Chesapeake Conference Center; AV, Productive AV; Décor, Premier Events; COVID-19 Thermal Scans, Top Guard Security; Program, Copy Connections.

Thank you to WTKR-TV3 anchor Blaine Stewart for acting as emcee for the awards ceremony. The Valor Awards ceremony was live-streamed on WTKR.com.

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