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2019 Top to Watch Cover
Top to Watch Award
Top to Watch Award

Deadline for all Nominations is January 15, 2021
Application deadline for all nominees is February 17, 2021
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The Award

The Hampton Roads Chamber and the Small Business Development Center of Hampton Roads are proud to provide special recognition to the Hampton Roads small business community by presenting an award to one upcoming business from the Hampton Roads region. Small businesses are the backbone of our local and national economies, representing more than 95 percent of all employers, creating three-fourths of all new jobs, and accounting for more than one-half of the nation’s gross domestic product. For more than 30 years, the Hampton Roads Chamber has recognized one exceptional small business owner for his or her tireless work and embodiment of the spirit of enterprise.


A business must meet the following requirements to receive the 2021 Hampton Roads Chamber Top To Watch Award:

  • Fewer than 250 employees

  • Gross revenues of less than $10 million in 2020

  • In business for less than 3 years


Eligible applicants will be judged on the following:

  • Financial performance and business history

  • Staff training and motivation

  • Community involvement

  • Customer service and satisfaction

  • Business plan or strategies and goals

  • Strategy for growth

Nominating and Judging Process

Small businesses are encouraged to apply directly for the award. In addition, associations, financial institutions, and other companies may nominate small businesses that meet the award’s requirements.

Judging is done by a committee of experts after all applications have been received. Finalists will compete via website vote.

Winners will be selected based on 50% judges' vote and 50% website vote.


For more information on the 2021 Hampton Roads Chamber Small Business of the Year Awards, contact Lianna Arbitter.

Application Procedure

  Download the 2021 Top to Watch Award Application (PDF)

Submit your application to:

Hampton Roads Chamber
Attention: Lianna Arbitter
101 West Main Street, Suite
800 Norfolk, VA 23510



All applications must be received no later than February 17, 2021 by 5:00 PM to qualify.


February 17, 2021 - Application Deadline

All applications due by 5:00 p.m.

May 6, 2021 - Hampton Roads Chamber Small Business Awards Luncheon held during National Small Business Week

Deadline for all nominations is January 15, 2021

Application deadline for all nominees is February 17, 2021

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2020 Top-to-Watch Award

The Hampton Roads Chamber recognized three young companies as Top-to-Watch for 2020.  Congratulations to:  OneSpace Design StudiosPale Horse Coffee, and Taxus Street Coffee.

2019 Top-to-Watch Nominees

Upscale Avenues

About Upscale Avenues

At Upscale Avenues our mission of the company is simple—to create an unmatched buying and selling experience for the residents of Hampton Roads by providing a personalized experience.  In order to achieve this, we work to treat every customer as a friend and neighbor, as opposed to just another sale or commission check.  We work to become and maintain ourselves as experts of the neighborhoods we work in, so we can provide sellers with realistic expectations of how we can get their house sold efficiently and for the best price, and so that we can also ensure we are helping buyers find the right home for them, in the neighborhoods that provide the quality of living that matches their lifestyle goals.  We also utilize technological resources, to make sure no matter what side of the process the client is on, they always know they can reach us with any questions, and feel they have a true partner throughout the process.

Why We Should Win?

Upscale Avenues Realty Group should be selected as a Winner of the Top 5 to Watch because of our commitment to create a company that truly works for the best interests of the residents in the communities in which we operate. In the short existence of the company, we consider our steady growth as a huge milestone, as we started in a small co-working space, in a matter of months moved into a larger co-working space, and now in less than a year’s time, will be moving into our own office in the North Colley corridor this summer. With regards to community participation, we also went from being simple associate members of local business associations and civic leagues to becoming leaders as top sponsors and board members. Our goal isn’t to just be present in the community but to be as actively involved as possible.

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Medical Aesthetics of Virginia

About Medical Aesthetics of Virginia

Medical Aesthetics of Virginia offers a wide range of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Treatments and Products to Hampton Roads Residents. We strive to offer superior Client Care to all current and prospective customers.

We are a small, woman owned business, and we take pride in utilizing our varied backgrounds and experiences to make Medical Aesthetics of VA the best in a very competitive market.

Our industry is ever changing and one of the fastest growing industries in the country. We take time to stay current and are continually adding new products and services to ensure our clients have access to a wide range of options, while allowing ourselves to stay educated on upcoming trends.

Why We Should Win?

We believe we deserve to win Top to Watch 2019 because we have succeeded in becoming the go to Medical Aesthetics Practice in Norfolk, and rate highly in all of Hampton Roads. We won both Coastal Virginia and Virginian Pilot Best of Awards in our first 2 years of business and continue to be nominated.

Our 5 star ratings across all web based channels show that our dedication to excellent client care has been successful. We saw 38% growth from our first full year in business to our second, the average for new businesses in our revenue bracket is 7.8%.

We are dedicated to continuing this trend and look forward to our ongoing journey being in business in Norfolk.  

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Prime 3 Software

About Prime 3 Software

Prime 3 Software provides software development and integration services with a focus on business process efficiency and automation.

Based in Chesapeake, VA, we provide cutting-edge software solutions to dramatically improve our customers' business operations.

We maintain an uncompromising devotion to our core value of striking the balance between quality, price and schedule for our customers

Why We Should Win?

We revolutionize the operational efficiency of businesses right here in Hampton Roads. Our commitment to industry standards and best practices reinforce our customer-first approach to software development, delivering incredible solutions to a diverse commercial audience ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

We are primarily focused on the Hampton Roads transportation and logistics industry and have committed ourselves with our involvement in several industry associations and charities. As a result, we provide unrivaled industry insight as well as technical expertise that is second to none.

We have grown each year in operation but have not compromised our commitment to our customers or employees. We are building a company where people love to come to work. We foster a culture of innovation, empowering our employees to explore new technologies and continually grow.

By constantly pushing the envelope we transform the way our customers do business, truly building solutions for the long haul.

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Kinship Vacations

About Kinship Vacations

At Kinship Vacations, we believe that travel can heal broken bonds and strengthen relationships. We’ve experienced the power of a restorative vacation in our own lives as members of the military community, living weeks, months, sometimes years, apart from our loved-ones. 

We also know, firsthand, the underutilized potential of the military spouse and veteran community.  Military spouse unemployment is currently 28% in the United States and it is one of the top three factors that a service member considers when leaving the military. Military spouse unemployment is a US military retention issue and in an all-volunteer force that is currently struggling to meet recruiting goals, it has become a matter of National Security. 

Kinship Vacations provides talented and deserving military spouses the opportunity to have a fun, fulfilling, and long-term career crafting memorable vacation experiences for people that are starved for time, want a truly special vacation, and would love to give back to the military community.

We match people that want a quality vacation with people that are hungry to serve in this capacity and just need a chance to have a career that can go with them anywhere the military sends them. 

Why We Should Win?

Kinship Vacations is 100%-woman, veteran, military spouse-owned and operated. We have provided portable career opportunities for eight military spouses/ veterans spread across the United States and Europe just within the last six months! Our reach and aims toward providing career opportunities in the military spouse community is growing every day. 

We believe this is a relatively unexplored concept – matching military spouses that have acquired immense travel knowledge over years of moving with the military all over the world with people that need a quality (no cookie-cutters here) vacation that will restore the important relationships in their lives (families, couples, groups, friends, etc.)

We have the ONLY travel advisor training and mentorship program designed specifically for the unique circumstances of the military community in the whole travel industry!

While the nation’s employment situation is stabilized, the military spouse community is unemployed at rates seven-times that of the general population (28% unemployment). Underemployment among military spouses exceeds 50%, yet military spouses are more likely to have post-secondary education than the average American. What we have is a talented, educated, and motivated population of Americans that want meaningful and portable employment but cannot get it due largely to the many obstacles that get in the way: constant relocation, exceptional childcare needs, non-transferable professional licenses from state to state… (the list goes on.)

Winning this award would provide additional exposure to this otherwise unheard-of national crisis and hopefully inspire people to consider working with a military spouse when it comes to planning their next vacation.

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About Swimnerd

We have made pace clocks great again!

The Swimnerd Pace Clock is digital, affordable, and Bluetooth programmable from our Swimnerd mobile application.

Swimnerd is simplifying swim practice.

Why We Should Win?

We aren’t a brewery. We aren’t a restaurant. We aren’t a co-working space.

We are a home-grown global technology company revolutionizing the way millions of people swim every day.

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WIGO Food International Market

About WIGO Food International Market

We are an International Market for all immigrants, ethnics, minorities, Military who have experienced overseas life and foods, local citizens who loves various international foods. We are trying to have all of popular foods, ingredients, mainly focus on perishable and freshness. Serve the community healthy foods and wealth in the life.

Why We Should Win?

We are new but growing in Hampton Road area. Keep the jobs, creative more jobs and events. Willing to contribute to work with young generation society, Drug abuse help, people who needs care, etc.

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2021 Chamber Award Nominations
Deadline for all Nominations is January 15, 2021
Application deadline for all nominees is February 17, 2021
  Nominate Online
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