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tHRive (Young Professionals)
tHRive (Young Professionals)

tHRive Young ProfessionalsThe Hampton Roads Chamber has launched a regional young professional’s group called tHRive. This program is driven to provide a platform to promote regional awareness and community development by empowering young professionals to have a voice and invest in the future of our region.

tHRive has numerous signature events throughout the year and various monthly events spread across the region. These events will promote an attractive and dynamic community by engaging in the development of the region, and will focus on areas such as professional development, cultivating relationships, and community engagement.

Professional Development

tHRive promotes and drives change by providing multiple avenues of growth and development.  Whether it’s a lunch with a leader in the community to learn from their successes and avoid their mistakes, or a partnership with a local higher education facility that provide new and engaging learning opportunities, tHRive creates avenues for members to pursue growth and learning. tHRive believes that continuing education, whether formally or informally, is critical to maintaining strong and continuously growing culture.

Cultivating Relationships

tHRive is the center of collaboration where professionals are able to network and connect.  The program prides itself in connecting local professionals across the region to engage in ways that were not previously available.  This is a forum where young professionals from the full fabric of the community are able to build relationships that will not only foster the development of each individual member, but also the organization as a whole.

Community Engagement

tHRive empowers young professionals to actively take part in shaping the future of our region.  It seeks to make a true impact in the community by being involved.  As an organization comprised of young professionals, we have a passion for leaving a mark on our region.

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