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Tage Counts, Vice President of Membership, interviews local business leaders, entrepreneurs and non-profit executives from throughout the 757 on a variety of industry topics.  Listen as many of our region's top executives provide valuable insight into their experiences starting, managing and growing our community's best known organizations.  Thanks for listening, and please rate this podcast so we can better serve the listeners.

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Season 3 (2022)

Episode 89 - Rita Dahan & Sophia Woods, Co-Founders of Hemp House Wellness, discuss entrepreneurship, starting a new business, the business of hemp and CBD products, and providing personal service to their customers’ unique needs.

Episode 88 - Charles Hackworth II, Vice President of Hackworth Graphics - Printing - Technology, discusses his career within a family business, adapting and growing a company, taking risks, the importance of building relationships, and the role faith and blessings play in the success of the business.

Episode 87 - Dr. Corey McCray, President of Camp Community College, discusses the benefits of community college, connections to the businesses and local communities they serve, the importance of workforce development, G3, and the continued growth & value of the college to our region.

Episode 86 - Ashley Brown, Director of People of The Honor Foundation, discusses her journey to the Foundation, providing career transition programs for U.S. Special Operations Forces professionals, and partnering with local businesses and leaders to support the THF mission.

Episode 85 - Stephanie Gorham, CEO of VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads,discusses VHR’s mission, partnering with the business community, managing the past couple years, lessons learned, successes, and the future of the organization.

Season 2 (2021)

Episode 84 - Gino Colombara, Executive Director of Alzheimer's Association Southeastern Virginia Chapter, discusses his professional journey to leading the local Alzheimer's Association, how Alzheimer's affect both the personal and professional lives of the individuals and their families, lessons learned, and partnering with the local business community.

Epsiode 83 - Eric Stichler, President and Leonard Provost, Executive Vice President of Heartland Construction, discuss their experience in commercial construction, merging companies, retaining a strong workforce, lessons learned and community involvement.

Episode 82 - Gina Benefiel, Executive Director of Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation, discusses the value of volunteer emergency services to the residents and business community, opportunities to serve, and neighbors saving neighbors.

Episode 81 - Georgie Marquez, Principal of Andre + Marquez Architects, Inc., discusses her journey to becoming an architect, learning to be a business owner and entrepreneur, utilizing her culture and diversity to grow her business, and her community involvement.

Episode 80 - Chris Stuart, Vice President of Top Guard Security, discusses his partnership with spouse Nicole Stuart as they began their journey as entrepreneurs and small business owners, understanding and developing your target market, growing a family-owned & regional security company, the importance of community involvement, and the future of the security industry.

Episode 79 - Joe Young, President of GovConPay, discusses starting a new business, working with companies and the government, the ability to scale a business through technology, the important of building strong partnerships and community involvement.

Episode 78 - Mickayla Brandly of Thrivent discusses providing financial services and advice for a diverse range of members, learning to grow a business, networking & development, adapting as a young professional, and giving back to your community.

Episode 77 - Brian Poole, President of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Virginia Beach, discusses his professional journey to becoming a business owner & entrepreneur, lessons learned, managing a successful team of professionals, and future growth.

Episode 76 - Lois Weinblatt, Coach, Facilitator, Speaker & Owner of True North Visionaries, discusses your journey to entrepreneurship, partnering with leaders to create clarity through vision, working with different cultures, and establishing your value as a business and service.

Epsiode 75 - Rudy Patel, President of ARCpoint Labs of Virginia Beach, discusses opening a new business, the importance of exceptional customer service in a variety of industries, solutions for businesses and individuals, and future opportunities.

Episode 74 - Scott Danner, CEO of Freedom Street Partners, discusses his career path, the importance of community involvement, his approach to serving clients, team development, and business growth.

Episode 73 - Chuck Thornton, Managing Partner of the Virginia Beach Sportsplex and Hometown Sports Management, discusses his professional journey in hospitality, sports & entrepreneurship, business, public private partnerships, athletics, facilities, Virginia Beach and the 757.

Episode 72 - Sujoy Brahma, General Manager of Town Point Club, discusses private club membership at a business & social club, providing superior service, their focus on providing a quality experience, and how professionals can get started when looking to join a private club.

Episode 71 - Janice Tuckman, Senior Sales Executive of ROX Rapid Overland Xpress, discusses a no hassle, premium business and leisure travel option, providing exceptional, consistent & reliable customer service, and starting then re-starting a new business.

Eposide 70 - Todd Waldemar, CEO & Founder, and Ludo Frequelin, Area Manager, of ChowCall, discuss transitioning from the military to the civilian business world, starting a food & restaurant delivery service, managing a workforce and lessons learned.

Episode 69 - Pamela Jones, The Branding Icon & Founder of ICONIC, discusses her journey to entrepreneurship, branding, public relations and lessons learned.

Episode 68 - Tim Harrell, Sr., President, CEO & Founder of Environmental Building Services, Inc., discusses his career path, starting his own business, managing and leading a team of employees and managers, mentorship, growing a business and transitioning.

Episode 67 - Jay Klebanoff, Chief Executive Officer of Hercules Fence Company, discusses the company’s long history, growing a regional business and lessons learned, managing a skilled workforce, favorite projects and giving back to the community.

Episode 66 - Dean Ives, Franchise Owner - Mosquito Squad of Hampton Roads, discusses franchise ownership, lessons learned, building & knowing your value, and services provided in Hampton Roads.

Episode 65 - Pat Tamakloe, President of Global Reach Leadership Institute discusses leadership, strategy & training, working with entrepreneurs & organizations, people/processes/performance, and the leadership transition from military to private sector.

Episode 64 - Camille Crofton Cherry, Marketing Director of Crofton Industries, discusses the history of the company, safety within the industry, workforce needs, the maritime community, and family-owned & managed business resources.

Episode 63 - E. Trevelle Baker, Owner & Barber of KingCuts, discusses becoming a barber, developing as an entrepreneur, managing a team, and the current state of barber industry.

Episode 62 - Richard D. Mills, Vice President of Plasser American, discusses history and place within the City of Chesapeake and Hampton Roads region, the services and products provided to the rail industry, the connection to our port, maritime and transportation industry, future expansion and growth, and Plasser American's exceptional level of professionalism and execution.

Episode 61 - Alfred Howard, CEO of Lider Counseling & Consulting, discusses his journey as a counselor and clinician, work life balance, and working with business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Episode 60 - Caroline Taylor, President of Taylor Made Diagnostics, discusses her humble beginnings, success as a female entrepreneur, being a problem solver, and working within occupational medicine & healthcare.

Episode 59 - Dr. Mary Ojo-Carons, Founder of EvoScient Gynecology Center for Pelvic Health and Surgery, discusses her journey as a medical professional, entrepreneur and founder of a new medical practice, and serving the diverse needs of women throughout the community.

Episode 58 - Sherri Miles, President of Miles Roofing & Co-Founder of Meta Team, discusses the history of J.D. Miles & Sons, Miles Roofing, managing a family-owned business, developing as a national service provider, and giving back to the community.

Episode 57 - Tim Ryan, Executive Director of StartWheel, discusses his career within the entrepreneurial community, the consolidation of all things entrepreneur within the 757, collaboration and future opportunities.

Episode 56 - Anna Helmer, CTE Supervisor, and Lori Martin, STEAM/CTE Coordinator of Chesapeake Public Schools’ Career & Technical Education program discuss CTE awareness efforts, new initiatives, partnerships with local businesses, and future workforce opportunities for our region’s students.

Episode 55 - Matt Tuttle, Vice President of Total Business Solutions,discusses managing a family-owned business, pivoting during times of transition, growing a business and giving back to the community.

Episode 54 - Holly Burgess, Founder & Chief Marketing Guide at Heartwork Marketing, discusses her journey to entrepreneurship, staying ahead of industry trends, learning to build a team, and building a brand.

Episode 53 - Kirk Cizerle, Founder & CEO of RecoveryTrek, discusses starting a business, technology, adapting to market needs, mobiles services and PROOF.

Episode 52 - George McLaughlin, Co-owner of Jon Smith Subs, discusses starting a new business, incorporating his skills as a military veteran, his business partner Tony Vaughn, and giving back to his community.

Episode 51 - Jessica Bedenbaugh, Business Development Manager / Marketing of Portsmouth Economic Development, discusses their continued success, marketing efforts, retention, outreach and future opportunities.

Season 1 (2020)

Episode 50 - Bryan Stephens, President & CEO of the Hampton Roads Chamberdiscusses leadership, the mission of the Chamber, advocacy, regionalism and recovery.

Episode 49 - Tom Chamberlain, Founder & CEO of EdLogics, discusses starting a gamified platform to promote health literacy in the 757 and beyond, entrepreneurship and business management, and reaching underserved communities.

Episode 48 - Michael Fowler, First Vice President of Even Keel Wealth Advisors of Raymond James, discusses his professional journey, the development of Even Keel, serving customers, and community involvement.

Episode 47 - Jim Carrol, Executive Director of the Hampton Roads Small Business Development Center, discusses the Center’s resources, expectations of entrepreneurs and their new business ideas, pivoting during COVID, and the need for professionals to adapt in today’s business environment.

Episode 46 - Scott Krick, MoMac Brewing, discusses his transition from home brewer to entrepreneur, learning to match the tastes of the consumers, adapting the business model to current market conditions, and connecting with the community.

Episode 45 - Michelle Wren, Portsmouth Partnership, discusses the mission and history of the Partnership, the organization’s affiliates, the Lefcoe Leadership program, and Bloom Coworking. 

Episode 44 - Randy Thompson, Vista Graphics, discusses starting and growing a print media business, developing and publishing high quality print and digital publications, managing a downturn/recovery, and remaining the premier product offering in the market. 

Episode 43 - Delceno Miles, President & CEO of The Miles Agency, discusses starting her own niche marketing & public relations firm, working with young professionals, volunteerism, adapting to industry trends, and providing exceptional service for her clients.

Episode 42 - Phil Damuth, Vice President of Damuth Trane, discusses the growth of a business celebrating 50 years of service, the importance of developing a strong team of employees and partners, the evolution of the company, and their future.

Episode 41 - John McCormick, Owner & Attorney of McCormick Law & Consulting, discusses starting his own business, entrepreneurship, networking & outreach, growth and changes in the legal profession.

Episode 40 - Tad Sellers, President and Chief Electrical Engineer of Vansant & Gusler, discusses his new role as President, his journey of 25 years with the business, the company's 60 years of doing business in the region, and managing design services in mechanical and electrical engineering.

Episode 39 - Wayne Pellenberg, Owner of Neptune Video, discusses his transition from news media to starting his own business, entrepreneurship, the value of video for businesses, and his willingness to get in front of the camera to grow his company.

Episode 38 - Paul Walsh, President of Superior Executive Transportation, discusses starting a new business, adapting to the change in specialized, professional transportation services, and providing exceptional customer service to a high standard. 

Episode 37 - Donna Phaneuf, VIA Design ArchitectsDonnar Phaneuf, President & Lead Design Principal of VIA Design Architects, discusses her introduction to architecture, starting her own business, the principles of Product, Service & Process, past & future projects, and the future. 

Episode 36 - Meghan Timlin & Sarah Routsis, Entrepreneurship & Business Academy - Meghan Timlin, Academy Coordinator, and Sarah Routsis, Senior Internship Coordinator, with the Entrepreneurship & Business Academy at Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach.  Meghan and Sarah provide an overview of the academy, internship and professional development opportunities, corporate partnerships, job shadowing, adapting to virtual instruction and success stories.

Episode 35 - Amy & Jerry Frostick, J&A Racing Amy and Jerry Frostick, co-owners of J&A Racing, discuss growing the running events within the 757 community, marketing, community & volunteer involvement, virtual races, and future opportunities.

Episode 34 - David Gibb & Andy Sutter, Freedom Boat ClubCaptain David Gibb & Andy Sutter, co-owners of Freedom Boat Club of Hampton Roads, discuss boat club membership options, franchise business ownership and community involvement.

Episode 33 - Danny Rubin, Rubin Communications Group Danny Rubin, Vice President of Rubin Communications Group, discusses his professional journey in public relations, media and communications, provides an overview of the public relations field and how it serves the needs of businesses of all types, working with the local media and news sources, and managing the ever changing media & public relations landscape.

Episode 32 - Charles Greenhood & Molly Whelan, Brutti's Catering and BagelNutz Charles Greenhood and Molly Whelan, the family owned businesses of Brutti's Catering and BagelNutz, discuss the evolution of Brutti's from an espresso coffee cart to a full service catering business, giving back to the community they serve, adapting the business in an ever changing environment, and the future of their business.  

Episode 31 - Tonya Gill, Primrose School at Cahoon Commons & Edinburgh CommonsTonya Gill, co-owner of the Primrose Schools at Cahoon Commons & Edinburgh Commons, discusses her transition from the non-profit community to serving the children and families of Chesapeake, managing a business during COVID-19, opening a new school, leadership and serving the 757 region.

Epsiode 30 - Mary Kate Andris, YWCA South Hampton Roads - Mary Kate Andris, Ed.D., President & CEO, YWCA South Hampton Roads discusses the organizations mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, collaboration between the local non-profits, and the partnerships between non-profits and the business community throughout the 757.

Episode 29 - Emily Brewer, Uncork'd - Emily Brewer, Owner of Uncork'd and member of the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 64th District, discusses entrepreneurship as a small business owner, balancing the duties serving her customers and constituents, managing the daily challenges and rewards, and the growth of the Suffolk business community.

Episode 28 - Nicole Campbell, Divaris Real Estate - Nicole Campbell, Commercial Real Estate Professional with Divaris Real Estate, discusses her journey in the military and her civilian career, pivoting as a working parent, creating and growing a social media and marketing presence, diversity and community.

Episode 27 - Matt Brady, New Day Office - Matt Brady, President of New Day Office, discusses entrepreneurship, growing a family business, adapting to a market & workplace needs and utilizing partnerships to better serve the customer.

Episode 26 - Doug Smith, Hampton Roads Alliance - Doug Smith, President & CEO of the Hampton Roads Alliance, joins Tage Talks Business to discuss his professional journey as a local leader in the 757, the restructuring of what had been known as the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance, rebranding, regional collaboration, and moving forward as the area's leading regional economic development organization.

Episode 25 - Cecil L. Robinson Jr., Raven Elite Protection - Cecil L. Robinson Jr. joins Tage Talks Business for this Memorial Day episode to discuss his career as a 29 year veteran of the U.S. Navy, communication & security professional, and now entrepreneur & owner of Raven Elite Protection LLC.

Episode 24 - Kim Phillips & Corrynn Peters, Phillips & Peters Attorneys At Law - Attorneys Kim Phillips and Corrynn Peters discuss coming together as professionals and as Phillips & Peters.  They address the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, time management, marketing, community outreach, and building a law firm dedicated helping families move forward.

Episode 23 - Tony Disilvestro, Ynot Italian - Tony Disilvestro, founder & owner of Ynot Italian, discusses his journey from selling candy on the Jersey Shore to building a regional restaurant and brand in the 757, managing your branding & marketing, and giving back to your community.

Episode 22 - Jim Daddio, Bubba's 33 -Jim Daddio, Managing Partner of Bubba's 33 in Chesapeake, discusses opening a restaurant in the Chesapeake, getting involved within the community, supporting our first responders, developing legendary food & service, and pivoting to unique & fun ways to attract and retain customers. 

Episode 21 - Jason Fawcett, The Davey Tree Expert Company - Jason Fawcett, Regional Operations Manager for The Davey Tree Expert Company, discusses the start to his business as an entrepreneur, 18 years of growth, the eventual partnership with a nationally recognized organization, and giving back to the community.

Episode 20 - Michael Wagner, Pool ScoutsMichael Wagner, President of Pool Scouts, discusses his career, the building blocks of leading a national pool services franchise, the skills and expectations of being a franchise owner, and insight into developing the culture of Pool Scouts and Buzz Franchise Brands as an award winning business.

Episode 19 - Angela D. Reddix, Ph.D., ARDXDr. Reddix, Founder, President & CEO of ARDX discusses the growth and growing pains of ARDX over 13+ years.  We also learn about the ARDX Foundation, Envision Lead Grow's comprehensive entrepreneurship program, and the Reddix Rules Fund.

Episode 18 - Michael Akrop, Leesa - Michael, Leesa’s President & COO, discusses the company’s local connection to Virginia Beach, innovation & change, social impact and pivoting your business.

Episode 17 - Mike Standing, Waterman’s Surfside Grille, Chix on the Beach & The Shack - Mike discusses growing up in the 757, the restaurant & hospitality industry, leadership, pivoting your business and managing the challenges of COVID-19.

Episode 16 - Dr. Bobbie Hansel-Union, Hansel Union Consulting - Dr. Bobbie discusses support for children and adults with developmental, intellectual and neurological disabilities. Starting your own business. And adapting to unique business environments.

Episode 15 - Jamar Diggs, J Diggs Media - Jamar discusses social media management for coaches and consultants, and how to build an unapologetically authentic personal and professional brand.

Episode 14 - Chris Albright of Diversified Building Services & Dave Hershel of DBS Staffing Services - We speak with Chris and Dave about DBS’ history serving the 757, their partnerships in the business community and hospitality industry, and COVID-19 services.

Episode 13 - Andrea Lehmkuhler, Point 2 Running Company - We speak with Andrea about the company history, the running community and the creative ways Point 2 is serving their customers during this unique business and retail environment.

Episode 12 - Diana Burke, VBHA, and Stacey Shiflet, VBRA - Recent update and COVID-19 response by the Virginia Beach Hotel and Restaurant Associations.

Episode 11 - Robert Pizzini, iFLY Virginia Beach Indoor Skydiving - Robert talks about the several roles he manages at a CEO, mentor, leader, veteran, coach, father and husband.

Episode 10 - Chris Bugg, Sandler Training - Chris discusses his transition from the U.S. Navy to the civilian workforce, coaching, sales training and facing an uncertain future.

Episode 9 - Martin Joseph, 360IT Partners - Martin discusses starting a new business and the life of a new entrepreneur. As 360IT Partners celebrates 25 years of service, how have the grown and what the future holds.

Episode 8 - Wendy Zelazny, Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce - Wendy and I discuss the Fredericksburg business community, chamber challenges, workforce and the future.

Episode 7 - Chris Rice, Music Makes You HappyChris and I discuss entrepreneurship, work/life balance, community involvement and coaching/mentors.

Episode 6 - Steven Wright, Chesapeake Economic Development - Steven discusses the mission of Chesapeake Economic Development, EDAC, partnering with the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance, and the future of business in the city of Chesapeake.

Episode 5 - Stephanie Gorham, Executive Director of VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads - Stephanie speaks about VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads, the Corporate Volunteer Council, and the connection between the business and volunteer communities in the 757.

Episode 4 - Emily Cass, TRAFFIX Program ManagerVisit with Emily Cass and discuss the efforts of TRAFFIX Commuter Options in the 757. For more informati visit GoTRAFFIX.com

Episode 3 - Savannah Bolin, Regional Director - Gather 757Tage Talks welcomes Savannah Bolin of Gather 757. Co-working offices in the Hampton Roads community.

Episode 2 - Claudell Clark, Executive Director of the Hampton Roads Sports CommissionTage & Claudell discuss the HRSC, the Corporate Challenge and the 2020 AAU Junior Olympic Games in the 757. For more information visit HamptonRoadsSports.org

Episode 1 - Portsmouth Economic Development’s Jessica Bedenbaugh - Jessica discusses the success of Portsmouth Economic Development’s efforts over the past few years, recent rebranding and the exciting future of the Portsmouth business community.


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