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Determining the Right Workplace Wardrobe for the Summer

Determining the Right Workplace Wardrobe for the Summer
Determining the Right Workplace Wardrobe for the Summer
Determining the Right Workplace Wardrobe for the Summer

“How you look and how you present yourself to clients can impact your career and ultimately your life,” said Nicole Wilkens, as she presented on “What is Business Casual Anyway?: Dress for Summer Success in the Workplace.” The Chamber Education Series was sponsored by Southern Bank (Series Presenting Sponsor), Farm Fresh (Series Hospitality Sponsor), and Waterside District (Event Hospitality Sponsor). Wilkens, owner of “The Everyday Runway”, a wardrobe consulting business, demonstrated just how simple it could be combine style, comfort and sophistication all in one look.

There is only one opportunity to make a first impression and according to Wilkens, “an interview should be the most put together you should ever look [in front of your potential employer].” Putting together a successful outfit should be intentional, as it can determine the outcome of a hire or promotion.

In the interactive part of the presentation, Wilkens had two participants put together an outfit that would be appropriate to wear all year long. She explained the concept of a capsule wardrobe—an all-season wardrobe consisting of only 30 pieces, and went over a few basic pieces everyone should have in their closet. Those basics include a quality suit, a crisp white shirt, one pair of leather shoes, a handbag and a trench coat. “Your wardrobe is like your canvas” said Wilkens as she explained how determining the right workplace wardrobe requires certain factors to be considered, including what type of career field you’re in, workplace location, and office environment. Anne Caudle with Boleman Law Firm, P.C. who received 1 free hour of wardrobe consulting with Wilkens said what she took from the class was the idea that she could “style and accessorize [an] outfit while still being professional.”

As an inspiring ignitor, the Hampton Roads Chamber strives to bring useful and educational courses to our members. The Chamber Education Series will continue with “Lead Generation Success” with Courtney LaLonde at Troy University on Tuesday August 15, 2017

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