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IRV Day 2 - Sports Marketing Arena Discussion Panel

IRV Day 2 - Sports Marketing Arena Discussion Panel
IRV Day 2 - Sports Marketing Arena Discussion Panel
IRV Day 2 - Sports Marketing Arena Discussion Panel
Delegates convene outside of PNC Arena.

“You are now sitting in what is without a question, the greatest college sports market,” began Scott Dupree, Executive Director, Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance, during the Sports Marketing/Arena Discussion at the PNC Arena Club West. Dupree told attendees to imagine Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, Norfolk State, Old Dominion University, and the Washington Capitals are all located in Hampton Roads, and that is what it is like to live in the Triangle.

“If you love college sports, then this is the place to be,” said Dupree. The Triangle is thriving in sports marketing, providing world-class facilities starting with the PNC Arena. Dupree highlighted the regions excellent track record for event hosting, specifically sporting events, which help drive business and attraction to the region.

“PNC Arena is the best example of private and public collaboration to build a venue,” said Davin Olsen, General Manager, PNC Arena, and Executive Vice President, Carolina Hurricanes. The PNC Arena opened 20 years ago in 1999 and provides tremendous branding opportunity for the region. Each year, PNC hosts more than 150 sporting events, including major concert tours and family shows.

“If it wasn’t for partners like PNC, we would be struggling,” said Olsen. However, Dupree expressed the lack of a corporate presence in the region, which is often the lifeblood of event support. Olesen ended the discussion by saying that corporate support is often a struggle, but he stressed the positive impact that PNC Arena has contributed to the region. 

The sports marketing discussion, sponsored by PNC Bank, was brief and insightful, focusing on the economic impact of sports which are driving economic growth and tourism to Raleigh, Durham and the Triangle. 

Thank you to the following sponsors: Dominion Energy (Presenting Sponsor); S.B. Ballard Construction Company (Bag Sponsor); VisitNorfolk (Opening Reception and Dinner Sponsor); Principle Advantage (Mayor’s Reception Sponsor); Williams Mullen (Dinner Sponsor); PNC (Luncheon Sponsor); Safelight Auto Glass, James White (Scholarship Sponsor); Cox (Supporting Sponsor).

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