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Final FY 2018 Federal Marketing Steps

Final FY 2018 Federal Marketing Steps
Final FY 2018 Federal Marketing Steps
Final FY 2018 Federal Marketing Steps
Federal Marketing Steps

 Subject: Keynote Connections Newsletter V8.1 of September 23

Final FY 2018 Federal Marketing Steps: Two Weeks to Go!

1. Stay the course and work until September 30th.You have to be in it to win it. If you have Proposal Fatigue etc. give us a call and we will carry the ball with you. GSA Ebuy is running very hot now so check it every day now. We are talking to agency COs who still have between 3-6 Ebuy RFQs to drop and award between today and the 3oth.

2. Don’t rely on email communications with your FED customers and prospects at this time. They don’t have the time or need to answer concerning new business etc. Give them a call on the phone and have something concrete to talk about. Follow-up on an old lead or RFQ wish list item. This is not the time to be visiting. If you are a Small Business with a GSA Schedule or any size business with a GSA Schedule/IT GWAC, then let them know you have a contracting vehicle ready and waiting to help them with their needs. Be knowledgeable of their ability to use the Federal Credit card to purchase your services or products and be ready and able to process same. Know the Sole Source FAR rules and also know that under the Simplified Acquisition Program (SAP) agency COs can purchase from you up to $25,000 per award with little or no competition.

Also as an SB, know that some agency COs need to make SB purchases to meet their annual Socioeconomic annual quotas. In many cases they can and will pay more at this time of the year to fill a quota.

3. GSA is very busy now just like the Federal agencies so don’t expect any midnight express Emod or Schedule awards to bail you out because it is not going to happen. If you do have a real order hung-up by agency contracting rules or regulations and it is related to your GSA Schedule or GWAC etc. call your GSA CO on the phone and tell them this all about the Year End Money and Their IFF. We have seen some quick work done in certain order closing/processing cases by GSA recently.

There are a lot of flaky agency contract last minute contract extensions that show up in the last two weeks of the year and you may need your GSA COs help to correctly close the loop. Agency CO to GSA CO direct communications is sometimes the preferred method of getting things done in late September.


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