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Hampton Roads Chamber Hosts U.S. 2nd District Congressional Debate

Hampton Roads Chamber Hosts U.S. 2nd District Congressional Debate
Hampton Roads Chamber Hosts U.S. 2nd District Congressional Debate
Hampton Roads Chamber Hosts U.S. 2nd District Congressional Debate

With the November 6th midterm elections just two weeks away, Congressman Scott Taylor and challenger Elaine Luria took to the podium at the Hampton Roads Chamber 2nd District Congressional Debate. Both candidates are vying to represent Virginia’s 2nd District in Congress. Dr. Bob Holsworth, Managing Partner of DecideSmart, moderated the debate that tackled topics including tax reform, healthcare, and immigration.

The anticipation grew loud inside the ballroom of the newly-restored Cavalier Virginia Beach, Autograph Collection, as Nneka Chiazor, Vice President of Government & Public Affairs, Cox Communications introduced the two candidates to the stage.

Congressman Scott Taylor is a retired Navy SEAL and Iraq War Veteran who is currently serving his first term in the U.S. House of Representatives representing Virginia’s 2nd District. In his opening remarks, Congressman Taylor states, “It’s an honor to represent all of you.” He promised to continue to be an independent voice. “When I felt like it was appropriate and necessary, I’ve stood up against my party. But I’ve retained the respect and still been able to work with them.” 

Elaine Luria is a retired Navy commander who served the country for 20 years. Now a small business owner, Luria believes, “The job of a representative is to create an environment for people and families and our community to succeed.” 

Moderator, Dr. Bob Holsworth asked each of the candidates a series of questions on topics that impact the Hampton Roads region and the nation. Congressman Taylor and Luria were each given equal amount of time to state their stances on these important issues. 

Tax Cuts:
Luria said, “My position on the tax cuts is that it’s completely irresponsible for our government to incur $1.9 trillion in debt over the next ten years, on the backs of our children and our grandchildren.” She continued, “We need to have true fiscal responsibility in Washington. We need to make legislation a reflection of our values so that we value the investments in our community and our infrastructure will actually grow our economy.”

Congressman Taylor responded, “I think the tax reform has spurred a lot of business in our community.” Congressman Taylor went on to tell stories of people in the Hampton Roads community who have been helped by the tax reform bill. One being a mother who told Congressman Taylor that she now receives $70 more in each of her paychecks. Congressman Taylor says, “I know the benefits of tax reform here and I’m proud to have supported it.” 

Both candidates believe in providing more affordable healthcare that covers pre-existing conditions. Both candidates also agreed on reducing the costs of prescription drugs. “We should work to do anything we can to reduce prescription drug prices,” said Congressman Taylor. 

Congressman Taylor says, “We need more border security. We need better laws. You can’t just come in here. You need it do it right. You need to it lawfully.” Luria responded, “We do not have to make a choice between strong border and an immigration system that works. We can, and should, have both.”

The Hampton Roads Chamber thanks Congressman Scott Taylor and Elaine Luria for participating in this lively, informative debate that addresses the issues that affect us today.

Thank you to our sponsors: Presenting Sponsor, Cox Communications; Host Sponsor, The Cavalier Virginia Beach, Autograph Collection; Bronze Sponsor, Clark Nexsen; Timer Sponsor, Productive AV; Table Sponsor, Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. and Table Sponsor, ™ Gary Associates.

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