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U.S. Senatorial Candidate Ed Gillespie Briefs Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Senatorial Candidate Ed Gillespie Briefs Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Senatorial Candidate Ed Gillespie Briefs Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Senatorial Candidate Ed Gillespie Briefs Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce
Special visit covers his platform with members a week before elections

U.S. Senatorial candidate Ed Gillespie visited the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce on October 22, to introduce himself and speak directly with members on the issues he would address if elected.

The special visit was at the request of Gillespie’s office in the final stretch before polls open November 4.

Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Bryan K. Stephens, introduced Gillespie to members.  “We were happy to provide this forum to our members,” said Stephens, adding that it is “in keeping with the Chamber’s commitment to providing bipartisan access to the region’s elected officials and candidates who aspire to represent the community.

Gillespie began by commenting that his campaign is issues based and that he did not want to run a campaign to simply be in a race against someone.  He shared with the audience his five-point plan for economic growth necessary to remedy what his campaign calls “the polar opposite of the failed philosophy of diminished expectations.”

He briefly outlined his plan, followed by questions from members, in his forty minute appearance:

  • Replacing the Affordable Care Act with market-oriented, patient-centered reforms that work;
  • Streamlining regulations to provide tax relief for companies in order to be more competitive and easing burdens on individual citizens and families;
  • Harnessing energy production by embracing both traditional and alternative energy resources;
  • Providing a greater range of educational options for public school students as well as reform relative to student debt;
  • Cutting wasteful spending and voting for a Balanced Budget Amendment

Gillespie believes that by enacting his plan, we could “double our economic growth rate and if we had a four percent economic growth rate, that would mean ten million new jobs in our economy.  That would mean three million of our fellow Americans would be lifted out of poverty.  It would mean that our deficit would be reduced by a third.”

Thom Prevette, Director of Advocacy and Community Relations for Bon Secours, was among the members in attendance.  He remarked on what was most significant to him in Gillespie’s visit, “Obviously the depth of detail that he’s undertaken to better understand how healthcare is delivered” as well as the region’s serious concerns regarding the military.  “He seems to understand the dynamics that we as a region have to have access to dollars to support our DoD structure here, that we don’t hollow out the military at a time when the world has gotten extremely dangerous, said Prevette, adding “I believe we should measure that and make sure we get through sequestration in an appropriate way, but we still have to be able to look at it long-term in order to understand what we can actually afford to provide.”

Click here for a more comprehensive review of the Gillespie’s five-point plan available on his campaign website.

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