UHSM Health Share Teams With Cancer Kinship, Offering Important Programs & Services to Cancer Patients, Families & Survivors

UHSM Health Share Teams With Cancer Kinship, Offering Important Programs & Services to Cancer Patients, Families & Survivors
UHSM Health Share Teams With Cancer Kinship, Offering Important Programs & Services to Cancer Patients, Families & Survivors
UHSM Health Share Teams With Cancer Kinship, Offering Important Programs & Services to Cancer Patients, Families & Survivors
This New Partnership Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Virtual Cancer Fashion Show, Hosted by Cancer Kinship and Presented by UHSM

ANAHEIM, Calif. & NORFOLK, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--UHSM (Unite Health Share Ministries), a faith-based health care nonprofit founded on Christian beliefs and values, today announced a partnership with Cancer Kinship, a nonprofit which seeks to help patients and their loved ones adjust to a cancer diagnosis and treatment. The partnership will broaden the help and resources UHSM provides to members who, through this partnership, now have access and assistance from Cancer Kinship’s network of support groups, survivorship empowerment programs, and mentoring for patients.


“We are pleased to offer these resources to our members facing a cancer diagnosis or in remission,” said Christopher Jin, president of UHSM. “We are also excited to sponsor Cancer Kinship’s Virtual Fashion Show, ‘Brave, Bold & Boundless,’ which is taking place October 24. Tickets for the event will help raise funds to continue this important mission.”

This Virtual Fashion Show features eight different cancer warrior models who participate in this empowering event to create human connections, build confidence and boost self-esteem. All models work with a volunteer fashion show consultant who assist with hair and makeup coaching, runway walking, and fashion selections, while boosting their confidence. This event will build community while celebrating survivorship, with tickets starting at $35 each.

Recent reports show that nearly half of cancer patients experience mental or emotional distress, with 1 in 4 cancer patients experiencing major or clinical depression. If untreated, this can lead to a significant decrease in life expectancy and continued health. In cases where mental health was addressed during treatment, it showed a 25% to 30% reduction in deaths.

“At UHSM, we understand that cancer survivors are more likely to have disabling problems and that the best way to limit recurrence is through holistic care and focus on overall wellbeing. We want our membership to know we’re putting policies in place for those fighting active cancer or battling daily as a survivor,” said Jin.

Yoli Origel, founder of Cancer Kinship and a Stage 3 breast cancer survivor, continued, “The effects of cancer are far more reaching than one’s physical health during treatment; I experienced this in my own battle against breast cancer. Our mission is to help cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones navigate each stage of treatment. Cancer Kinship programs and services address patients’ physical health along with their mental and emotional wellbeing, from initial diagnosis into years of remission. We are honored to be a part of the UHSM community, expanding the help and resources available to those dealing with cancer.”

Along with the Cancer Kinship partnership, UHSM has launched several community initiatives nationwide. Earlier this year, UHSM announced its partnership with Pure Game, a nonprofit organization that integrates character education curriculum and leadership coaching through sport into schools. UHSM teamed up with the Orange County Soccer Club (OCSC) to create the OCSC Community Corner, a season-long outreach program that provides nonprofit organizations tickets to share with the children and families they serve. UHSM also supports Cornbread Hustle, a staffing agency dedicated to second chances, to provide free disinfection to Dallas, Texas area churches while providing their telehealth program to church staff and their families. The program is also being used by other essential organizations, including Orange County’s Second Harvest Food Bank.


UHSM (Unite Health Share Ministries) is a nonprofit, faith-based health sharing ministry that facilitates member-to-member health sharing among fellow Christians, serving as a connector to administer medical cost sharing. Christian healthcare is chosen by millions each year over traditional insurance plans, and UHSM stands alone as the only health share that offers members access to true prescription coverage through the CVS Caremark network. UHSM members also have access to nearly one million doctors, hospitals and specialists through the First Health PPO Network, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aetna Inc. Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, UHSM offers simple, fair, and friendly healthcare programs to its members. The UHSM mission is to help Christian families fulfill their God-given purpose to care for one another, foster holistic wellbeing, and positively impact our communities.


Cancer Kinship seeks to help patients adjust to their “new normal” lives as survivors. The programs and services offered empower patients and survivors to take control of their health and future, resulting in the overall cancer community – our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends – living longer, happier and more impactful lives. With a holistic approach, Cancer Kinship aims to address the emotional and psychosocial impact of cancer, for a growing vulnerable population, as an upstream approach to reduce cancer recurrence risks while improving the quality of life for the cancer patients and survivors.

Lora Wilson / Karen Sorenson
Global Results Communications for UHSM
(949) 608-0276

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