The Home Body Online Workout Series

The Home Body Online Workout Series
The Home Body Online Workout Series
The Home Body Online Workout Series
We provide you with fun, LIVE total body, all accommodating workouts, you can perform with us...ALL FROM HOME!

T2 Fitness has announced the creation of The Home Body Series, their first-ever online fitness subscription based program.

Owner of T2 Fitness Studios and 100lbs natural weight loss winner, Tasha Turnbull, stated there was a need for the The Home Body Series, because “people have a strong desire to feel connected to a community when looking to improve their fitness level. Since we are still operating more from home, we wanted to bring our energy, our fitness studio and unique training styles right into your living room.” Subscribers will have access to LIVE workouts each week and you will be able train on different days at 6am EST, 7pm EST and Saturday’s at 9am EST. You pay a monthly fee and can attend as many of the classes as you want each month. Can’t make the LIVE session? You will have access to the replay in our private group. 

You’ll only need a mat and pair of dumbbells to perform each workout. Workouts will last anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes and they will consist of low impact workouts and high intensity sessions, accommodating all training levels. Plus, The Home Body virtual community will be at your fingertips to keep you motivated and dedicated to improving YOU throughout the series.  For more information on subscribing and questions about the Home Body Series, CLICK HERE or email us at

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