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The Revenue Cycle Doctor

The Revenue Cycle Doctor
The Revenue Cycle Doctor
The Revenue Cycle Doctor
This new company offers doctors easier filing and faster payment of medical and dental insurance claims.


Dr. Jerry GardnerThe Revenue Cycle Doctor, LLC (RDC) was established on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 by Dr. Jerry Gardner. RDC will handle the entire insurance billing process for a health care practice to include filing claims, following rejected or denied claims, and collecting unpaid claims.

"We give the medical and dental practice continuity and expertise," Dr. Gardner said, "allowing them to concentrate on patient care.  Depending upon the circumstance, claims will be filed as electronic media claims over high-speed data telephone lines or printed on paper and mailed to the insurance carriers."

Electronic media claims is a well-established method of filing and has begun to grow the health care industry.  “It's much like your accountant filing your income tax electronically,” explains Dr. Gardner. “About 90 percent of all hospital claims are filed electronically while the rate for non-hospital (doctor) claims is less than 15 percent.”

The Revenue Cycle Doctor, LLC of 500 E. Main Street, 16th Floor, Norfolk, VA 23510 will be soliciting medical and dental practices in this area to take advantage of the faster, electronic processing.

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