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Chamber Strome Business Series Continues with Kathey Porter

Chamber Strome Business Series Continues with Kathey Porter
Chamber Strome Business Series Continues with Kathey Porter
Chamber Strome Business Series Continues with Kathey Porter
Students of Old Dominion University Were in Attendance of Chamber Strome Business Series with Kathey Porter as the Keynote Speaker

"I love this partnership with the Chamber and the Strome College of Business because this is how the ecosystem starts; the people in this room. Businesses centers, our local government representatives, our banking and corporate partners, our sponsors. This is how we build a strong and thriving economic ecosystem and economic community." We welcomed Kathey Porter as our Keynote Speaker for our Chamber Strome Business Series. Porter is a speaker, author, instructor, and small business strategist.


The Hampton Roads Chamber is proud to partner with Old Dominion Strome College of Business to connect and provide resources to our entrepreneurs and business owners in Hampton Roads, ensuring the business community's needs are met. The Hampton Roads Chamber serves this region as an Impactful Advocate, Inspiring Ignitor, Regional Collaborator, and Powerful Economic Partner.


Presenting Sponsor Paul Buckley, Business Banking Market Manager for Atlantic Union Bank, spoke on the challenges in the banking industry’s supply chain. "One thing that people don't realize is that we same challenge within the banking world. It's interesting, and it's all about perspective and what you understand." Buckley concluded with a call to action for students of Old Dominion University who attended; "Make sure you see things from the various perspectives of those around you and be strategic in your approach. Work through the right light, work with the right work ethic. Embrace every challenge that comes about you."


The Dean and Professor of Old Dominion Strome College of Business, Jeff Tanner, introduced students from Old Dominion University. Tanner shared how the Chamber

 Strome Business series provides exposure for the community to network with high-level business minds/ leaders in the region and how students can best benefit from this experience." I want to make sure that we give our students a chance to identify themselves because one of the reasons we bring them to this event obviously is to hear speakers like Kathey but also it’s to meet business people and to experience what networking and all its intel's."


Porter discussed the importance small businesses play in critical roles to ensure institutional corporations achieve success. "When you think about it, the primary focus of the large business isn't always construction. It's not always buying promotional items. It's not always doing some of the smaller things that small businesses can contribute to. So you are important to them for them to achieve their soul vision. Porter said that we must collaborate as a region to ensure the needs of the minority and veteran-owned businesses are met inclusively. "We have others that are pressed and can't seem to grow and thrive, no matter what happens. So it is up to our small businesses and diversities who may live in these communities to have opportunities to grow and thrive. They are the ones who are reinvesting in their communities, making sure they're just as valuable as other communities." 


Porter outlined essential practices/factors of building your network to improve your net worth in the culture of innovation and belonging; "Focus on building a relationship and trust. That's one of the biggest issues that keeps supplier diversity from being effective is that small businesses feel like our businesses don't want them there." Porter believes that building a relationship can create multiple forms of connectivity. "Building that relationship is the foundation for anything." Porter mentioned the partnership between the Hampton Roads Chamber and Old Dominion Strome College of Business is where business education and resources are here at the service for our region; "You have everything here, you have the Chamber, you have ODU. So if you need that educational expertise, you have it here. You have the Chamber which provides that connectivity to the businesses."


The Chamber Strome Business Series will continue on October 26 with London Wills as our Keynote Speaker. For more information and registration, visit

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