November 2019: TechArk Solutions

November 2019: TechArk Solutions
November 2019: TechArk Solutions
November 2019: TechArk Solutions

                                                                                                                 Pratik Kothari 

Business Name
: TechArk Solutions
Phone: 757-774-7784
President's Name: Pratik Kothari
President's Title: Founder & CEO

What are your business's core values, goals, and overall mission?

Mission: We deliver solutions across custom software development, web design, and creative marketing.
We are innovators who deliver technology and marketing solutions. We help businesses to

  •   Generate leads and increase revenue
  •   Re-imagine their online presence
  •   Reduce costs by using technology.

Our core values: Integrity, Innovation, and Quality. 

Share some unique facts and business history? What makes your business stand out?

TechArk Solutions started its journey in 2012 and has quickly grown to become a leading web design and software development company in Hampton Roads. We have received the following awards and accolades for our work: 

HRIC Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Entrepreneurial Excellence Award
Retail Alliance - Retailer of the Year Award in Service Category
Featured in Los Angeles Times and Virginian Pilot
CoVaBIZ Millennials On The Move Award

What makes TechArk stand out? 

Our Technical Expertise 

  • Our team listens to understand each business challenge, providing innovative solutions that not only meet standards but deliver results, every time.

Our Quality 

  • Our experienced and highly talented team has a drive for excellence that fuels each project. Our clients are happy and satisfied...and not afraid to show it.

Our Speed 

  • Due to our streamlined processes and global team, our technical support, communication, and turnaround time is unparalleled.

What products or services do you offer companies or individuals? 
We offer a full portfolio of technology solutions including Custom Software Development; iOS and Android Mobile App Development; Cloud Solutions; Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website Design; Website Hosting & Maintenance; Design & Branding and Digital Marketing. 

What are the greatest obstacles and/or challenges that your business has faced? How have you and your business overcome them?
One of the big challenges for a successful design and development studio is to find the right talent. While a lot of businesses similar to ours complain about the shortage of talent in the area, TechArk started to invest in our communities by providing paid mentorship to high school students and undergrads. Our belief is to find the right individuals and then groom them to fit our culture. Several of them continue to work with us while going to colleges and hopefully will join us full time after graduating from their respective fields.   

What accomplishments are you most proud of? 

Since getting started in 2012, we have delivered more than 300 successful projects for customers all across Hampton Roads and beyond. The company’s greatest successes includes our dedicated team that strives to deliver every day and our amazing portfolio of clients across various industries.

We like to work with businesses that are forward thinking, customers that realize how technology can be embraced to streamline manual processes to reduce costs. Mobile commerce and digital presence is crucial and it is critical to highlight TechArk’s strengths as we are much more than a website builder. We listen to our customers’ problems with their businesses and craft unique solutions to help grow their business.

We are focused on an information-based approach and committed to educating our customers who trust us with their technology and marketing needs. We have earned over 50 5-star reviews: ​

What do you see for the future of your business? 
We are completely focused on building a scalable business that delivers technology and marketing solutions for our customers. Our portfolio of clients is expanding outside Hampton Roads and we are excited about this organic growth of our business. 

Why are you a member of the Hampton Roads Chamber?
We are passionate about being active in our Hampton Roads community and fostering relationships with other small businesses. We are committed to growing TechArk as an innovative solutions provider in Hampton Roads and the Chamber has been a wonderful partner of ours in this journey. TechArk has also helped the Chamber with tHRive website. 

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