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Senator Tim Kaine Addresses Hampton Roads Chamber at Chamber Leadership Series Event

Senator Tim Kaine Addresses Hampton Roads Chamber at Chamber Leadership Series Event
Senator Tim Kaine Addresses Hampton Roads Chamber at Chamber Leadership Series Event
Senator Tim Kaine Addresses Hampton Roads Chamber at Chamber Leadership Series Event

“The most important thing Chambers do is advocate for regionalism and find regional solutions to regional problems.”  Senator Tim Kaine told the audience at the Hampton Roads Chamber Leadership Series luncheon on November 10.  “It is fitting that I am here this close to Veterans Day as this is the heart of the veteran community.”

Senator Kaine began his talk with highlighting the importance of Chambers.  “Chambers must represent the interest of the members. They must see an ROI.  That is why this is the largest chamber in Virginia.  Chambers also advocate on public policy matters at the local, state and federal level.  I know this chamber does this very well.”

Kaine went on to explain his role in the Senate.  “What do I do?  I’m on budget with Mark Warner.  The federal level budget process is dysfunctional. We are working to try to make the process more meaningful.”  Senator Kaine continued with discussion on his role with armed services. “The key role is keeping the nation safe. Upping the Navy is great.  We need a flexible force, not a fixed force. We will be creating jobs at Newport News Shipbuilding by adding new work to build some of the Ohio Class Submarines.  This will create new work for years to come.”

One issue that bothers the Senator is veteran unemployment.  “We need to address veteran unemployment while they are still in the military.  Set up a transition plan right from the start. Help service members get the civilian credentials while they obtain military certification so when they get out they are ready to go to work civilian jobs.”

Senator Kaine also serves on the Health and Education Committee.  “We have to improve healthcare.  When it’s that important in life it is not a Democrat or Republican issue.  And on education, we are going to rewrite the higher education act to include degrees, certifications, and skills acquisition.”

On the subject of tax reform, Kaine said “we’ve got to do it.  We’ll make some provisions, some will get better, some will get worse.  If the Republicans fail, then bipartisan discussion opens up.”

Senator Kaine took pride in discussing the election of Ralph Northam as Governor.  “I knew from way back that he would be Governor.  From his first days in the General Assembly, I knew he would be a great Governor.  Hampton Roads should also have a sense of pride for a hometown Governor.”

Senator Kaine closed his formal remarks with a challenge to both parties.  “For the Republican Party, how do Republicans deal with the President, who was not a Republican, but is now the dominant Republican?  And for the Democrats, we have to pull together the two camps of pro-growth and redistribution/regulation.  We need to bring these two wings of the party together.”

Senator Kaine wrapped up with questions from the audience about Sea Level Rise, infrastructure, sequestration and widening the Port of Virginia.  When asked about his time on the campaign trail as the Vice Presidential candidate last year, Kaine said “Virginia is truly a microcosm of the nation.  We have the same ratios of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Virginia is almost an exact match for the nation in breakdown of rural, suburban, and urban residents. So there were very few questions I couldn’t answer based upon my experience as a Mayor, a Governor, and a Senator.”

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