Chamber Strome Business Series | Dr. London Wills

Chamber Strome Business Series | Dr. London Wills
Chamber Strome Business Series | Dr. London Wills
Chamber Strome Business Series | Dr. London Wills

"When we start thinking about what happens in business, in healthcare, and things of that nature; that's all we're trying to do. Get to equity so that there's fairness and reasonable accommodations are made for all people." Dr. London Wills spoke to the audience on the importance, and difference in equity for our continued Chamber Strome Business Series, held at The Westin Virginia Beach. Dr. Wills is the National Policy & Advocacy Director, Health Equity Johnson & Johnson, mentioned new to his role. Dr. Wills presented information on diversity and healthcare disparities, emphasizing their vital role in the community and business community.

The Hampton Roads Chamber is proud to partner with Old Dominion Strome College of Business to connect and provide resources to our entrepreneurs and business owners in Hampton Roads, setting the conditions for businesses to succeed. The Hampton Roads Chamber serves this region as an Impactful Advocate, Inspiring Ignitor, Regional Collaborator, and Powerful Economic Partner.


Presenting Sponsor Thresa Joyce, Senior Vice President – Commercial Real Estate Team Lead for Atlantic Union Bank, spoke on the relationship between the Hampton Roads Chamber and Atlantic Union Bank. "We really just appreciate the education the Chamber puts out for all involved in Hampton Roads so that we can all learn more and more each day about our communities and our market."




Member Spotlight Sponsor Dana Beckton, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for Sentara Healthcare, spoke on Sentara's efforts on the cultural changes implemented for additions in creating a positive culture to live, work, and play. "It is a pleasure to be a part of this event because Sentara has really stepped up its efforts around diversity, inclusion, corporate competency, health equity, and corporate social responsibility. "





The Dean and Professor of Old Dominion Strome College of Business, Jeff Tanner, introduced students from Old Dominion University to the Chamber Strome Business Series event to gain exposure andcreate relationships/ connections. Tanner shared a story of Sentara's chief marketing officer visiting the class and providing insights on vaccination marketing methods in communities of color. "It was one of the most interesting examples, from where I sit as a marketing guy, of multichannel marketing; in order to affect important social progress and in particular the vaccine progress." As Sentara gets involved in community outreach every day, Dean Tanner showed his appreciation to our Presenting Sponsor, Sentara Healthcare.





Dr. Wills touched on the importance of inclusiveness and a method for setting the right example and providing the correct training for the future of the communities. "We can be really intentional about the types of training classes that we put in place. So, if we want to be inclusive, then let's create inclusive training classes. Let's not create training classes that only speak to someone that may have a Ph.D. Let's not do that. Because when we do that, basically we are saying that really this is just designed for someone at a higher level, then all won't appeal to it. Be intentional on how you handle those classes."

The Chamber Strome Business Series will continue on February 1st, 2022, with the President of Old Dominion University, Dr. Brian O. Hemphill, as our Keynote Speaker. For more information and registration, visit

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