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Busch USA Celebrates 45 Years

Busch USA Celebrates 45 Years
Busch USA Celebrates 45 Years
Busch USA Celebrates 45 Years
Busch Vacuum Solutions celebrates 45 years in the United States; a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors, with US headquarters in Virginia Beach.

While Busch may not be a household name in Hampton Roads, their 45-year history has impacted thousands of people. Whether it be as an employer, through community service initiatives, or with the vacuum technology they provide for many industries, Busch touches many lives.

From their modern 200,000 square foot facility in Virginia Beach, Busch manufactures and sells industrial vacuum pumps and systems for industries that include food packaging and processing, electrical power generation, medical, chemical, semiconductor, metallurgy, plastic processing and more.

When asked why the Busch Family chose Virginia Beach as their US Headquarters, Ayhan Busch, co-founder, said "because Virginia Beach is located near a large harbor which provides excellent access to transportation around the world." She also added that "the Navy veterans were and still are a great resource for qualified technicians, and Virginia Beach draws a stable, educated workforce."

President of Busch LLC, Turgay Ozan, is impressed with what this area offers, "I have visited 35 US states and have also been blessed to live in ten beautiful countries. As an employer, Virginia - and Hampton Roads specifically - brings hard-working, educated people and offers a great place to live."

Ayhan Busch founded the company together with her husband Dr. Karl Busch in 1963 in Maulburg, Germany. They established the US Headquarters sales office in 1975 and began US manufacturing in 1979. Busch is still 100% family-owned-and-operated with a family-owned approach to serving their customers.

With only three employees in 1975, Busch has grown to approximately 500 employees nationwide where they manufacture, service and sell a wide range of vacuum technology. The company now has multiple service centers from coast to coast and one in Puerto Rico.

Longtime employee and Customer Service Manager, Francine Jackson now in her 37th year with Busch, has seen many changes over the years. She says one thing has stayed the same, "It is the solid foundation and mutual respect the (Busch) Family has maintained over the years. Working here from basically the beginning has been very rewarding both personally and professionally."

Another employee, Steven Wilkinson, Senior Assembly Mechanic and Busch employee for 21 years said, "I am proud to represent the Busch family and be part of a US manufacturing company building products that reach so many industries. On a personal level, I just enjoy working here and with my colleagues every day."

Over the past year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as hospital capacities have been expanded to meet the demand for medical air compressors and vacuum systems, Busch has responded. David Gulick, General Manager of Busch US Manufacturing said, "Busch employees met the demanding challenge on many occasions with expedited manufacturing, overnight shipments, and rapid installations because a hospital called and needed an immediate response."

In addition to healthcare demands, Busch has also quickly responded to the challenging food processing and food packaging demands during the pandemic. Busch is part of a critical infrastructure industry designated by the Department of Homeland Security which deems their industrial manufacturing solutions an essential business. "We are proud to be an essential business providing solutions and support for our customers during these fast-moving and challenging times." said Mr. Ozan.

Bush USA is proud to be a member of one of the largest global manufacturers of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors in the world. Today, Busch globally has over 60 subsidiaries in more than 40 countries with sales agents in over 30 countries.

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