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Election Results 2012

Election Results 2012
Election Results 2012
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Election Results 2012

The 2012 Elections have been one of the most viable election races in history and the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce has kept a close eye, but we’re not the only ones. Virginia voter turnout numbers on November 6th were historic, described as long lines to vote up to two hours after the polls closed and 75 to 80 percent voter turnout in certain districts. Virginia gave its 13 electoral votes for a second time to President Barack Obama while fellow Democrat Tim Kaine defeated George Allen.

This year’s big Election brought a fierce competition between the U.S. house races, in which all eleven of the Commonwealth’s members of the U.S. House were re-elected.  For complete list of U.S. House election winners see list below article.

 Virginia Results for the U.S. House of Representatives:

HD01 – Incumbent Rob Wittman defeated Democratic challenger Adam Cook with 57% of the vote

HD02 – Incumbent Scott Rigell defeated Democratic challenger Paul Hirschbiel with 54% of the vote

HD03 – Incumbent Bobby Scott defeated Republican challenger Dean Longo with 81% of the vote

HD04 – Incumbent Randy Forbes defeated Democratic challenger Ella Ward with 58% of the vote

HD05 – Incumbent Robert Hurt defeated Democratic challenger John Douglass with 55% of the vote

HD06 – Incumbent Bob Goodlatte defeated Democratic challenger Andy Schmookler with 66% of the vote

HD07 – Incumbent Eric Cantor defeated Democratic challenger Wayne Powell with 58% of the vote

HD08 – Incumbent Jim Moran defeated Republican challenger Patrick Murray with 64% of the vote

HD09 – Incumbent Morgan Griffith defeated Democratic challenger Anthony Flaccevento with 61% of the vote

HD10 – Incumbent Frank Wolf defeated Democratic challenger Kristin Cabral with 59% of the vote

HD11 – Incumbent Gerry Connolly defeated Republican challenger Chris Perkins with 60% of the vote

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