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Elect Pro-Business Candidates

Elect Pro-Business Candidates
Elect Pro-Business Candidates
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Elect Pro-Business Candidates
Bryan K. Stephens Letter to the Editor

THE HAMPTON ROADS Chamber of Commerce has one overarching responsibility: work tirelessly to set the conditions for business success in our region. An important factor is having pro-business candidates in every office, but our local elections are what most influence our daily lives.

This election year is an important one in Hampton Roads. With mayoral and city council races in Suffolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach, as well as the referendum for light rail, important implications for our region are hanging on the outcome of this election season.

The chamber is working to set the best conditions for business success; we need the business community to do the same. We need every resident, especially those in the business community, to help put pro-business candidates in office. Voters must research the candidates and where they stand on business issues, and cast their ballots for pro-business candidates on Nov. 8.


The business community’s votes could make the difference between moving Hampton Roads forward to becoming an economic powerhouse and global gateway to our nation or keeping us spinning our wheels and wringing our hands about our slow recovery from the recession and defense budget cuts.

With every election, there is opportunity. Let’s make 2016 the year we seize it.

Bryan K. Stephens

President and CEO

Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

Click here to see Bryan K. Stephens Letter to the Editor on The Virginian-Pilot.


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