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Chamber Education Series- Networking During COVID

Chamber Education Series- Networking During COVID
Chamber Education Series- Networking During COVID
Chamber Education Series- Networking During COVID
Our Chamber Education Series continues with Susan Long-Molnar President of Managing Communications

“Networking isn’t just about the people that we know, but it’s about connecting to other people.” Encouraging words from Susan Long-Molnar.

The Hampton Roads Chamber welcomed Susan Long-Molnar as the speaker for our May 25 Chamber Education Series.

In Long-Molnar’s presentation entitled “Networking During COVID & Recovery”, she led the viewers to cover important topics for discussion:


  1. Looking at Networking Differently
  2. What Channels for Networking are working
  3. Know Your Target (Target Connections/Audience)
  4. Maximizing Network Opportunities
  5. How To Prep
  6. Increase Skills in Networking
  7. Content is Everything
  8. Planning Consistency and Frequency.

Changes in the “new norm” have halted the way to connect in public.  The pandemic has also changed the way people think about networking, all collaboration methods, and creating new connections.   

          Long-Molnar leads the participants to connect for collaboration by splitting into virtual breakout rooms. The short time in the breakouts focused on learning details about others in the room that can be used for future connections.  

Long-Molnar provided an emphasis on following up which can prove to be life-changing; “Whether is networking in person, social media, follow up is everything.”

To view Susan Long- Molnar “Networking During Covid” Zoom Video, Click here.

To view Susan Long- Molnar Powerpoint Presentation, Click here.

About Susan Long-Molnar:

Susan Long-Molnar is an industry-leading consultant, strategist, trainer, and presenter in communications, marketing, and PR. After an 11 year jaunt in corporate communications management for regional operations of Sentara, Cox Communications, and USAA, she founded Managing Communications in 2002. She has also served in many leadership roles in the region, nationally as the Employee Communications Chair of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and currently serves as Chair, Education/Workforce Development for the Hampton Roads Chamber. As a dedicated LinkedIn expert, Susan considers micro-targeting and content management as a key to gaining ROI with LinkedIn. In addition to social media training and presentations, she offers a wide range of communications topics, both related to leadership/employee communications and marketing.

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