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Meet the Proteges!

Meet the Proteges!
Meet the Proteges!
Meet the Proteges!
Propel is an innovative small business mentor-protege program designed to provide existing small business owners with education and training through its seven-week entrepreneurial boot camp, as well as technical assistance provided by the SBDC and mentoring provided by area successful business owners.





1. Visual Harbor is an award-winning web design and digital marketing agency, serving U.S. and international clients from its home office in Norfolk, VA. We provide digital strategy consulting, web design, complex web applications development, mobile app development, online marketing, search engine optimization, web analytics, pay-per-click and display advertising campaign management, as well as A/B testing and marketing optimization services.

Learn more about our services or view our portfolio.

2. MakerMex LLC is a 3D printing company dedicated to the advancement of 3D printing technology. We are committed to create awareness to our community on this technology through the development and manufacturing of 3D printers. MakerMex also provides services such as training, repairs and workshops. Please visit our website.

3. Adele Diamond is a Virginia Beach-based bridal jewelry brand. We design and produce stunning engagement rings for a worldwide online market, and maintain a local showroom featuring several hundred of our designs. Our extensive customizations allow every ring to be unique, and our competitive pricing has created unmatched value for our clients. We have the ring you want, at the price he can afford. Please visit our website.

4. Spring of Life Chiropractic is a neurologically-based, family centered Chiropractic office serving all of Hampton Roads. We use state-of-the-art technology to assess your body's ability to adapt to stress, allowing us to build a care plan tailored to all of your individual health needs so that we're never guessing on your health. Your health and our reputation are of utmost importance. Please visit our website.

5. Accurid Pest Solutions Inc. headquartered in Chesapeake, VA, is a full service pest and termite control company proudly serving Southampton Roads, the Peninsula and Western Tidewater communities for the past 10 years. We provide a better quality of life for every client. It is our passion to provide “wow” service to each of our clients every day. Please visit our website.

6. Smoke Detector Man certifies, replace and installs smoke detectors in rental properties for owners and property managers. All rentals are required to be certified at tenancy and annually thereafter. All smoke detectors are required to be replaced 10 years from manufacturers date. Please visit our website.

7. JohnRich Media (JRM) is a data-driven, full-service digital marketing agency. We utilize customer insights to optimize return on investment for our clients. 

We take a different approach to the concept of brand development. Our digital expertise, customer service and data-driven tactics help clients reach new customers through technology. We excel at bringing your brand to the right people at the right cost. Please visit our website.

8. Integrity Advisors, LLC offers IT Strategy, Governance and Change Management Consulting Services to businesses, like yours, that don't have a full time IT Leader/Chief Information Officer (CIO) or need supplemental leadership for a special project. The founder, Katy Rowell, has more than 15 years of IT and program leadership experience with a Fortune 100 company and a Master's Degree in the Management of IT from the University of Virginia. She also has industry certifications in Project Management and IT Governance. Rowell founded Integrity Advisors in 2014 to share her passion, experience and knowledge with organizations like yours who are looking for the guidance to make the right technology investments. She provides the expertise to successfully implement changes that will help your business grow. 

9. Encompass Supply, LLC is a leading electrical and technology service provider to small, mid-sized, enterprise and wholesale businesses. With immediate access to a 20-location network throughout Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Please visit our website.

10. Vehicle Valet, LLC is a new business here in Hampton Roads. Its owner Sean Hall was in the car business for 15 years as both a master technician and a service advisor. The two most frequent complaints given by customers at vehicle repair facilities are excessive cost and inconvenient service hours. Service facilities and manufacturers have done their best to alleviate the stress of long waits by offering a variety of concessions such as longer service intervals, loaner cars, shuttles, or lounges with all the amenities. All attempts have fallen short because the customer still has to alter their schedule. Vehicle Valet, LLC was started to remedy this problem. We meet the customer at a location of their choosing and drive their car to a location they dictate. Some of our most popular services include to and from service facilities for minor repairs and routine maintenance, alternative airport parking and pickups from night spots where the customers left their car. We also can offer GPS tracking that gives the vehicle owner real time information on the status of their vehicle. Please visit our website.

11. VO2Xplode provides voice over and spokesperson services for small business promotional, commercial, instructional and informational projects. VO2Xplode works with your vision to help project your individual brand identity and maximize impact of your company's reach. 

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