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2021 Small Business of The Year Awards

2021 Small Business of The Year Awards
2021 Small Business of The Year Awards
2021 Small Business of The Year Awards
The Hampton Roads Chamber Celebrated the 2021 Small Business of The Year Awards

The Hampton Roads Chamber works to be an inspiring ignitor, impactful advocate, regional collaborator, and powerful economic partner


2021 Regional Hampton Roads Small Business of the Year

And the Regional Winner is… Total Business Solutions!  The Hampton Roads Chamber announced the 2021 Hampton Roads Regional Small Business of the Year winner at a ceremony on May 20.  Winner comments “We turned a really not so fun time into a really fun time…when we started having fun, we started having sales. We got creative!”

The judging panel selected a winner from each Southside Hampton Roads city and Western Hampton Roads.

Congratulations to the 2021 City Winners

2021 Suffolk Small Business of the Year

The Suffolk Small Business of the Year is Korving & Company, LLC. A family-owned business, Korving, and Company is a father-son team that pairs old school ideas with some newer concepts.  Arie and Stephen Korving advise their investment clients what they would tell the family.  COVID hit the investment world and made clients cautious. Arie and Stephen did a lot of virtual hand-holding with their customers, and they've continued their steady growth of 12-percent a year over the past decade, including 2020.


2021 Norfolk Small Business of the Year

The Norfolk Small Business of the Year is TechArk Solutions. TechArk is the brainchild of a husband and wife working together.  Pratik Kothari and his wife Jinal merged his tech skills with her architecture expertise to create TechArk in 2012. Jinal has moved on to start another business, and Pratik has grown TechArk to support 100 employees in Norfolk and India.  Already set up as a global team, they increased sales during the pandemic by an amazing 40-percent!

2021 Virginia Beach Small Business of the Year

The Virginia Beach Small Business of the Year is CAVU International. The name of this business, CAVU International, stands for Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited, which means it is a perfect day for flying.  This veteran-owned company's mission is to help companies create their perfect day and make it repeatable every day. 

2021 Portsmouth Small Business of the Year

The Portsmouth Small Business of the Year is Total Business Solutions. Total Business Solutions is a family business.  John Tuttle started Total Business Solutions in 1988, selling Scotch tape, rubber bands, and other office supplies out of his home. Over the next three decades, John's kids grew the business to include everything you need to set up and run an office.  During the pandemic, they had their biggest sales year in history, thanks to toilet paper and silly songs.

2021 Chesapeake Small Business of the Year

The Chesapeake Small Business of the Year is Big Ugly Brewing. Big Ugly Brewing started in Jim Lantry's driveway with a 5-gallon bucket of beer.  He relied on the honesty of neighbors drinking free beer to help hone his skills to the award-winning brewmaster he has become.  Big Ugly has grown considerably but has not lost that neighborly feel. They give entrepreneurs running food trucks a chance to be seen and tasted by hundreds of patrons.  During the pandemic, Jim and his team turned to those neighbors again, asking them to buy cans of beer so it would not go to waste while they had to shut down.   Cheers to Big Ugly Brewing.

2021 Western Hampton Roads Small Business of the Year

The Western Hampton Roads Small Business of the Year is Belmont Peanuts. Belmont peanuts was born in 1993 when peanut farmer Bob Marks said to his wife Patsy, "why don't you start a peanut business."  Nearly three decades later, that business they started in their basement has grown to be an enterprise with a staff of 40.  All three of the Marks children are part of a business that keeps growing.  During the pandemic, they added a deli. Belmont Peanuts increased its online sales this past year and saw a revenue boost of 12-percent. 

Top-to-Watch for 2021

The Hampton Roads Chamber recognized two young companies as Top-to-Watch for 2020.  Congratulations to:  Bloom Coworking and SERVE Restaurant.

2021 Non-Profit of the Year

Mercy DropDream Center of Portsmouth is the 2021 Non-Profit of the Year. The company philosophy is to bring hope alive by offering free resources and connecting people with a need for a community of support that addresses their immediate and long-term needs. COVID-19 made their tasks harder, but Mercy Drops. Dream Center completed 2020 with a record year in food distribution and support.  They distributed 125 thousand lunches to children in Portsmouth in 25 weeks. Other programs include men's transformation housing, education, job, and career placement, and community assistance.

2021 Leadership Award

The Hampton Roads Chamber honored Tim RyanExecutive Director, StartWheel with the Leadership Award. Tim serves as a mentor for 757 Accelerate, W&M, ODU, and CNU. He also volunteers at the high school level by serving as a judge for DECA students preparing for state-level competition. He is a 757 Recovery and Resilience board member working to return our economy to pre-Covid levels and prevent such tragedies from happening again. Tim continues to find new ways to grow the community so others can succeed. He has built a platform that reaches more than 10,000 people per month. This platform shares the news that entrepreneurs need to know. He has dedicated himself to helping hundreds of entrepreneurs across thousands of events to start, grow and transition their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality.


Thank you to 2020 Small Business of the Year Hubbard Peanut Company, Marshall Rabil for announcing the 2021 winner at the ceremony.  Thank you to Chris Rice, 2020 Suffolk Small Business of the Year, for acting as emcee.

Thank you to our Small Business of the Year Sponsors

Southern Bank and Trust, Presenting; Hampton Roads Workforce Council, Workforce Development Sponsor; Neptune Video Creation, Video Production Sponsor; Inside Business, Media Sponsor; Crown Trophy, Award Sponsor; Host Sponsor, Chesapeake Conference Center; AV Sponsor, Elite Audio + Visual Elements; Banner Sponsor, Speed-Pro Imaging.

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