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The Power To Create | Pharrell Williams

The Power To Create | Pharrell Williams
The Power To Create | Pharrell Williams
The Power To Create | Pharrell Williams
Singer Pharrell Williams poses for photographers upon arrival at the 'Lion King' European premiere in central London, Sunday, July 14, 2019. (Joel C Ryan/Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP)

The Hampton Roads Chamber is proud to serve this region as a Powerful Economic Partner and looks forward to working with Pharrell Williams to build a stronger, positive economic future for the Hampton Roads Region. 

With all the clout that comes with his celebrity status and a long, extensive record as an entrepreneur, Pharrell Williams is simply a force to be reckoned with when he decides to take on a project.

“Most people see Pharrell as a very talented individual, which he is,” Hampton Roads Chamber President and CEO Bryan Stephens said. “He’s also a very impressive businessman. He’s got a business mind, which combined with his tremendous talent, makes him a real asset for the Hampton Roads region.”

He is the visionary behind the Oceanfront’s unprecedented sold-out multiday “Something in the Water” festival that brought national attention, top performers, and tens of thousands of visitors per day in 2019 with an estimated regional economic impact of $24 million, according to economic analysis paid for by the city.

“Whenever you have a nationally recognized figure that openly promotes the region and emphasizes the great quality of life and all of the assets the region has, that’s going to have a huge impact,” Stephens said. “I think he’s sincere in trying to make Hampton Roads a better place for all of its citizens.”

Additionally, Williams works behind the scenes to give back, including helping to fund and bring World Central Kitchen to Hampton Roads to help feed people in need from desperate restaurants during the pandemic last year.


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