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New LinkedIn Personalized Coaching

New LinkedIn Personalized Coaching
New LinkedIn Personalized Coaching
New LinkedIn Personalized Coaching
There Could Not be a Better Time to Get LinkedIn Right than Now!

Ask Yourself...
Have you notice people with these great branded profile pages but you do not know how to make your own just as strong?

Are you trying to figure out faster strategies for increasing your contacts and reaching the ones which represent important targets for you and your business?

Does your profile page or company page clearly define your brand, your values, experience and expertise?

Is your branding on LinkedIn credible? Are your posts and articles reaching your clients and potential clients?

Welcome to LinkedIn Maverick Coaching!

Here’s How it Works...

√ Sign up on Eventbrite for a one-hour session at

√ We will send you an email to set up a convenient time for you. The one-hour sessions will be Monday-Friday between 9 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. with some availability on Saturdays. Sessions will be held on Facetime or another online interactive platform.

√ I will review your LinkedIn profile and if applicable, company page, and suggest to you areas which I think should be included in your session.

√ When we meet, I will train you on key areas that look important for you to develop, walk you through making changes, and recommend continued efforts. If you find you want additional sessions, I am going to give you homework!

All of this (a $150 value) for your one-hour $35 session!
You can also sign up for a discounted three-session program, for a total of $90
with an additional gift...
MCC’s LinkedIn Mavericks Content Guide FREE!

For questions or additional info: Susan Long-Molnar 757-513-8633



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