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Chesapeake State of the City

Chesapeake State of the City
Chesapeake State of the City
Chesapeake State of the City
The Hampton Roads Chamber hosted the Chesapeake State of the City address on March 25th, 2021.

“Chesapeake attacked the pandemic as we do most every challenge, we planned, we organized, and we united.” Mayor Rick West states. He then goes on to say “We are fortunate to have both forward-thinking professionals and creative staff willing and able to step up, fill the breach, and ensure our citizens get the best possible services.”

The Hampton Roads Chamber works to be an inspiring ignitor, impactful advocate and regional collaborator, and powerful economic partner. The Chamber is proud of the fact that the State of the City has become the premier source for city updates.

To address racial equity, the City of Chesapeake has made efforts in seeing change by meeting regularly with groups like the Hampton Roads Black Pastors to reshape and redefine what “equality” means.  In addition, “Chesapeake also named its first Chief Equity Officer, Deputy City Manager, Dr. Wanda Barnard-Bailey. She will keep the organization focused on this critical topic.” Mayor West stated.

“We are a community built on what I call “2 Ships”: Relationships and Partnerships. Every day, we reach out here at home and across the region and beyond, looking to build strong partnerships of every sort. We know that we can count on the relationships we’ve fostered with our neighbors far and wide to help when we need it, and we’re equally ready to lend our hands, hearts, and minds to helping others in need. That is, truly, the Chesapeake way, and it’s something no pandemic nor crisis nor turmoil can ever change.” Mayor West says as he continues to focus on the future of Chesapeake.

“Chesapeake is a wonderful place but large place and a growing place. We are a $1.2 billion municipal corporation, 4,000 employees; we are Virginia’s second-largest city; we are one of America’s 100 largest cities and we continue to grow.” City Manager, Chris Price states, as he joined Mayor West in the discussion. Price identified five anchors of focus; live, learn, work, farm, and play.

Although Chesapeake is growing quickly, its small-town is maintained feel even though it is constantly growing. The key today is chasing talent as Chesapeake works with our community.

Career and technical programs have been made a high priority to learn in this community. The joint partnership between the city council and the school board works together to identify what the capital facility needs and the needs for Chesapeake moving forward.

Chesapeake offers a diversity of opportunities for work. Between the ex-military, and college graduates the replenishment of the workforce is happening year after year.
Farming is the missing but important piece of our economy. As it has changed over the years the City of Chesapeake aims to maintain its importance. The cities and the surrounding cities are heavily investing in their deployment of broadband. Recognizing the trends with in the industry is another way to accelerate the change in the farming industry

More than 70 parks along the waterways connect many the businesses enabling them to gather, celebrate, and enjoy the Chesapeake lifestyle. Play also circling back to learn, through the Park, Recreational and Tourist emphasis on Chesapeake’s history.
Mayor West closed by stating, “The City That Cares. We’ve seen both the wisdom in and the impact of those 4 simple words in that time. We are a City where caring comes first, and we express that in so many ways every day. A great example of that caring philosophy is rising right now in South Norfolk, as ForKids completes work on their new facility. It’s going to be home to many innovative and important programs, and we’re so pleased to have this Center of Caring right here in our city.”

TowneBank is the Presenting Sponsor for the States of the City Series.
“Through the PPP-Payment Protection Program. We were able to support 6,700 businesses with more than $1.2 billion needed funding. We are now participating in the second round of PPP,” said David Hare, President of TowneBank Chesapeake.

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare, the City Host Sponsor, presented a video on their newly renovated maternity ward, The Birth Place, the Critical Care Tower. “we did invest in our Neuroscience [Advancements] program and we are well on our way to becoming a comprehensive stroke center for our community. We are building also for our future an open-heart program.” Reese Jackson added.

Dollar Tree, the Member Spotlight Sponsor, updated their Summit Pointe project stating, “This $68 million multi-use development will feature an additional 270 upscale residences, with ground floor commercial space, and Summit Pointe's third parking deck. Mosaic will open Summer of 2022 and we can't wait. The waiting list is growing daily! As the world recovers from the awful pandemic, we are excited to welcome people back to work... When the time is right.”

Thank you to all of our State of the City Sponsors

 If you missed today’s presentation, click the video below.

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