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Chesapeake Division Endorses Candidates

Chesapeake Division Endorses Candidates
Chesapeake Division Endorses Candidates
Chesapeake Division Endorses Candidates

 March 26, 2020 – NORFOLK, VA – The Hampton Roads Chamber works to be an impactful advocate at the Federal, State, and Local levels.  The Chamber is non-partisan and supports candidates who are pro-business and work to grow our regional economy.  The Chesapeake Division of the Hampton Roads Chamber has selected the following candidates to endorse for the upcoming local election.


Rick West for Mayor

  • A proven record of supporting the local business community and pro-business efforts to grow Chesapeake’s economic future
  • During his time as mayor, the city has attracted 455 new businesses, 1,700 new jobs, $270 million in new investment and a AAA bond rating with all agencies
  • Has a strong vision for the technology, transportation and educational needs of a community that is now the 2nd most populous city in the state of Virginia


Dwight Parker for City Council

  • Supports the increase of Chesapeake Economic Development’s budget as a true indicator of the city’s willingness to be “open for business” now and in the future
  • Councilman Parker has a long record of support for the business community and the pro-business efforts of the city, the Chamber and the small business community


Robert Ike for City Council

  • Maintains a consistent record of support for the business community and the Chamber throughout his several years as an elected official
  • Has a clear vision for pro-business opportunities in Chesapeake, including economic development, retention of skilled workforce and transportation
  • Is prepared with plans and solutions to keep Chesapeake financially viable now and into the future


       Don Carey for City Council

  • Mr. Carey is passionate about the city of Chesapeake and the continued growth as a dominant force for young professionals looking for a place to be educated, work, live, raise families and enjoy recreation
  • A data-driven professional with a clear understanding of the skills and leadership necessary to organizations large and small to drive change and collaboration


The Chesapeake Division leadership interviewed candidates for Mayor and City Council on March 23, 2020. Following these interviews, the Division Chair, Michele Partridge-Lane, and the Executive Committee reviewed all data and selected the candidates for endorsement.  The Hampton Roads Chamber set a high bar for achieving consensus around the 2020 endorsements. 
For more information, please contact Tage Counts, Vice President for Membership, at or (757) 289-9255.

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