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Modern Femme Movement

Modern Femme Movement
Modern Femme Movement
Modern Femme Movement
Its a worldwide movement that acknowledges professional success isnt worth anything if youre not actively participating in a meaningful life outside of the office.
Business Name: Modern Femme Movement (HRCC Membership via The Studio Hampton Roads, LLC

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President's Name:
Katy Blevins & Somer Chambley 

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What are your business's core values, goals, and overall mission? 
Somer and I have always had a huge heart for working women, entrepreneurship and community involvement. As busy working moms ourselves, we often struggle to find balance between growing our business and making time for what matters most, our families. We quickly found a common thread with other working women. Today’s definition of success often pressures us to sacrifice our personal interests and home lives in order to be recognized alongside other top performers, successful business owners and committed entrepreneurs. It certainly doesn’t feel like success though. It feels like chaos.
We developed the Modern Femme Movement to bring working women together for a collective discussion that redefines success on a global scale, challenging us to consider the life that we want and what needs to change in order to bring us closer to that vision; a well-purposed life that is professionally adventurous, but also fully present at home. It’s a worldwide movement that acknowledges professional success isn’t worth anything if you’re not actively participating in a meaningful life outside of the office.
Share some unique facts and business history? What makes your business stand out?
The Modern Femme Movement is all about acceptance, self-worthiness and authentic community. The working women we support are respected and celebrated for the individual choices they make to claim the lives they deserve. Whatever that fulfilled life looks like, it’s important for women to give themselves permission to thoughtfully pause and consider what they’d like to see change and then have access to the resources and knowledge that will help them put those plans in motion.
We bring together expert speakers on business, social media, prioritization, organization and most importantly, self-care, to challenge, inspire and motivate working women worldwide to redefine their personal success, rediscover their self and reclaim the life they want. Our talent, our passion, is connecting resources with a need, building bridges that open avenues for powerful partnerships and genuine friendships that will last a lifetime.
Modern Femme Movement continues to grow and evolve into something incredibly special, as the women involved grip the vision, develop new creative ways to collaborate and explore, and inspire us more than we could have ever imagined. Modern Femme Movement is no longer something that Somer and I created. Every woman involved is a piece of the puzzle!
What products or services do you offer companies or individuals?

We don’t have traditional customers since we are community builders and don’t sell an actual product (apart from our convention tickets). I believe our attendees and members love the ability to truly be themselves in an environment that celebrates the ups of life while also being honest about the downs. Real women are a work in progress, and the women of the Modern Femme Movement love the authenticity and reliability they find. Every woman belongs and our community presents a unique opportunity to learn, apply and flourish.
We are hosting a three day convention from May 12-14, 2016 at The Westin Virginia Beach Town Center for 900 working women from all walks of life - work-at-home moms, female entrepreneurs, top level CEOs, career builders and more. Attendees will find real solutions to help them create a better foundation in business, at work, and at home. With over 20 of our nation’s most ambitious professionals (including our very own home grown leading professionals) as they support and equip working women from all walks of life to define and claim a more balanced and successful life that celebrates family first.
After the convention, attendees will be able to travel over to our website, (currently in development), for continued education, access to top notch resources and the latest and greatest in small business, social media, work/life balance and entrepreneurship.
What are the greatest obstacles and/or challenges that your business has faced? How have you and your business overcome them?
Somer and I continue to learn more every day about what the Modern Femme Movement is supposed to be and how to best communicate that passion to working women, overcoming the obstacles we set for ourselves that disallow us from taking the leap of faith to attend a new convention alongside other women like ourselves. If we were to start all over, I’m not sure what we would do differently, because sometimes it feels like we decide to do things differently every day! I wish we had known how rapidly this Movement would grow, because we would have been more aggressive with financially planning to provide a powerful experience for attendees. I wish that we could do more, serve more, it will come! We’re working a lot harder than we anticipated, and are grateful for the insight and support from our mentors. It’s worth it!
Our greatest challenge thus far has (and continues to be) coming up with the financial resources to build the convention according to our high expectations. We have a great problem as a new business owner - The Movement is growing faster than we, two simple, busy working moms, can keep pace with via our own personal and professional resources. We recently started a Kickstarter campaign ( in hopes this massive undertaking can become more manageable if everyone takes a small piece of the puzzle as we continue to build the community up to be all that it can be.
What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Any time we have the opportunity to send another woman, small business owner, friend, peer...up the elevator to the top, we are both humbled and incredibly grateful to be a small part in their success. We are truly blessed by the women we serve and are so proud to see such a beautiful community blossoming before our eyes. We can't take credit for it - Modern Femme Movement is really more about the women involved than us as the founders, and we'll always be in awe of our opportunity to play any role in this call to action for the world to redefine success as we know it today.
We also received the best Christmas present we could ask for last year - the notice that our trademark application was finally approved! It was a lengthy road to claiming Modern Femme and overcoming that obstacle was a huge victory for us.
What do you see for the future of your business?
We are incredible excited for the future of Modern Femme!  We returned from a recent trip to CBS Studio in LA, where we filmed for Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland. We know that experience will bring Modern Femme Movement into the hearts and homes of working women on a global scale, and we can't wait to watch the community continue to flourish, culminating with our inaugural convention in May.
Our future will continue to evolve based on the needs of the women we serve. We make no assumptions as to what they need and how they need it. It's our job to listen carefully, and then find the access to the resources that will meet their needs and give them the freedom to claim the life they dream about. will be a huge piece of this puzzle and watching the framework being laid for that website...well, we just can't wait!
Why are you a member of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce?
We are members of the HRCC because we believe in our local business community and love to engage with other businesses, professionals, dreamers, creatives and the rest of the fabulous members we are so thrilled to have access to. The HRCC opens up a dialogue between business owners here in Hampton Roads, and being a part of such a laser beam focused effort to collectively develop and grow our region to be economically strong is something we simply can't miss out on. We've been grateful at every turn for the insight, wisdom and opportunity we've encountered as members, and look forward to being members for a very, very long time.
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