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2012 Virginia General Assembly Results

2012 Virginia General Assembly Results
2012 Virginia General Assembly Results
2012 Virginia General Assembly Results

The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance, promotes pro-business policies in local and state government, advocating for a variety of business-related issues on behalf of nearly 2,600 businesses representing nearly 300,000 working men and women in Hampton Roads.  The Chambers are dedicated to serving their members and communities.  The 2012 General Assembly session convened on January 11 and ended on March 10.

HB1063 and other bills that changed the current law that requires a waiver to open schools prior to Labor Day.  Repealing the current law jeopardized $369 million of economic activity and $104 million in wages.  All measures changing the current law were defeated.

SB597 that requires internet business to collect sales tax.  This creates a “level playing field” for retail businesses in the Commonwealth.

HB1153/SB463 State conformity with the IRS code allowing the entire amount of the IRS deduction to be deducted for Virginia Income Tax purposes.

Unemployment Insurance
Supported SB54 the postponement of a scheduled increase in the eligibility earnings base and Opposed an unemployment insurance per employee surcharge that was proposed to pay off federal loans.

Supported HB33 and SB 242 that allow non-union contractors and prohibit state agencies from mandating project labor agreements on public works projects.

Supported HB232 and SB492 that expanded renewable energy incentives to include landfill gas.

HB10 that restricted increases in BPOL taxes.  The bill was carried over to the 2013 session.

a budget amendment of $7.5 million to fund the purchase of land around Oceana Naval Air Station to further protect a valuable military and economic asset.

HB1183 that makes the Port of Virginia more attractive to ships and companies that will be using the newly expanded Panama Canal to bring world cargo to Hampton Roads.

Eminent Domain/Economic Development
Supported bills tied to the Eminent Domain Constitutional Amendment that define lost access and lost profits (HB1035 and SB437) and affirm the ability of local governments to condemn land for utilities and streets as part of an economic development project (HB975, SB653)

Economic Development/Data Centers
Supported HB216 that provides tax incentives for data centers helping to keep Virginia competitive in attracting and retaining jobs and capital investment.  (Employment and capital investment thresholds have to be achieved to receive tax credits).

Legal Reform
HB1138 that allows for summary judgment to be based in whole or part upon depositions.  This area of legal reform will be studied prior to the 2013 session.

Workers Compensation/Shipyards
Supported HB153 that excludes a person from coverage under the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Act if there is jurisdiction under either the Longshoremen and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act or the Merchant Marine Act of 1920.

Small Business
HB585 and SB344 that create a tax credit equal to 10 percent of a qualified investment in a small business for an eligible investor.  The investment must be made before January 2015 and the equity must be held for two years.  Department of Taxation will certify eligibility.

Please contact our governmental affairs team with any business issues or concerns.  Ira Agricola can be reached at, 757-664-2570 and Candace Reid at, 757-664-2572.  For the latest news, visit and go to the “Advocacy” page.

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