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Youth Summer Enrichment Program

Youth Summer Enrichment Program
Youth Summer Enrichment Program
Youth Summer Enrichment Program
Three for One (341) Enrichment Program

M. H. West & Co., Inc. (WEST) has experienced significant results in boosting reading, math and science scores of K12 students though its Entrepreneurship, Life/Soft Skills and Coding programs.  WEST engages students in group and individual exercses ito address business planning and development and operations, using as well  terms and tasks that are needed to sustain a business.  The targeted audience learns the value and need for math, reading and english to plan and run their selected businesses.  The students select from a menu of businesses such as floral, photography, lemonade, baking, used books and beauty/dress.  The students also learn the importance of building relationships, teamsbuilding, leadership and corporate citizenship.  There are several other tracks that WEST integrates with its programs.  WEST's programs are ideal for summer bridge and camp programs as well as year long after school programs.  The staff associated with the programs have been involved for five years or more. WEST customizes the program for each school or program.  WEST's programs can be offered at a school site or off site at organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Housing Authority Propetries and YWCAs.  WEST also can train instructional and support staff in the focus areas of the program as an option of carrying out the program on site.  WEST received an A+ Award from the Norfolk Education Foundation for its Young Enrepreneur Program.  M. H. West & Co., Inc. is a 26 years old management and education company.  Its work on interventions and strategies to support academic achievement and positive behavors has taken it though urban and rural locales throughout the United States.  Marilyn H. West serves as Chair & CEO of the company.  The firm is a member of the Better Business Breau and many other professional and trade association memberships.  The firm's website is

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