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How to help you turn your Setbacks into Comebacks with An Attitude of Excellence

How to help you turn your Setbacks into Comebacks with An Attitude of Excellence
How to help you turn your Setbacks into Comebacks with An Attitude of Excellence
How to help you turn your Setbacks into Comebacks with An Attitude of Excellence
Dr. Willie Jolley for Chamber Leadership Series, June 30, 2020

"It is time not just to survive, but thrive."  Dr. Willie Jolley began his inspiring presentation for the Hampton Roads Chamber with words of encouragement.  Bryan Stephens opened the Chamber Leadership session by stating, “Considering the trifecta of things going on right now, COVID, Economic shut down, and social unrest, we all need Dr. Jolley.”  

Willie Jolley is one of the top five inspirational speakers in the world, according to Toastmasters.  He has helped turn companies like Ford from "losing a million to making a billion."  He is grateful for the opportunity to help others find their energy and enthusiasm for their career. "We should never see it as work. We should see it as service.  Service is the rent we pay for our space on this earth."  Dr. Jolley believes strongly the more you give, the more you receive.

Jolley walked the participants on the virtual webinar through the process of coming back.  Part one is to have hope. Helping Other People Evolve.  Hope is an optimistic state of mind.  "You have to have hope to get through this type of challenge."  Jolley explained crisis is from the Greek word Krisis, which means great danger. “And then JFK gave us a new definition. Crisis=great danger & great opportunity.”

Dr. Jolley shared the lessons he learned from the FORD comeback.  The most important thing is, "don't panic. You must think your way through this.  Every adversity has a seed of equal or greater opportunity."

To get through the Pandemic culture of right now, Jolley says, “don’t commiserate.  Don’t saturate with doom and gloom.” 

His other words of wisdom for success are, "don't let pride poison your prosperity."  No job is beneath you if it will help you to reach your end goal.  "Be willing to do that which is uncomfortable now to get to do that which is comfortable."  Keep one eye on what is happening around you and one eye on your goals to reach success.  When looking for opportunities, Jolley says, think about what people must have to survive.  Focus your goals on supplying one of those commodities. 

Jolley looks to the past for insight.  "One of the great depression lessons was the businesses that continued to advertise grew, while those who didn't advertise shrank. People are top of mind thinkers.  They will use whom they see in front of them.  So get your message out on social media.  Use every way you can to keep your face in front of your customers.” 

Dr. Jolley urges participants to be prayerful.  “But don’t just pray. You have to pray and perform at the same level.”

Be ready to face a struggle.  "If a baby never fell, they would never learn how to get up.  Some of us have been knocked down, and it is time to get up."  Success is about creating a positive mindset.  This includes resiliency and the ability to bounce back or bounce up to a higher trajectory. 

Dr. Jolley wrapped up his talk with advice for all business people.  Evaluate risk versus reward.  What is the best that can happen?  What is the worst that can happen”? What is most likely to happen? Am I willing to live with the worse to get to the best?  Work on yourself professionally and personally, so you become 1% better each day. Always look for your win-win and know your best is yet to come.”

Dr. Jolley’s presentation called “How to help you turn your Setbacks into Comebacks with An Attitude of Excellence” did not disappoint.  “When I saw that Dr. Willie Jolley was going to speak, I had to sign up!  I have read some of Dr. Jolley's books and heard him speak at another event in the past.  He did not disappoint again today!  Dr. Jolley gave us practical advice for thriving in this time.  He gave us hope and inspiration to keep moving forward.   He made it clear that "Crisis is Great Danger and Great Opportunity".  What an inspiring talk this morning!  Thank you for bringing him to us again for such a time as this!”  Participant Heather Platz, Realtor with The Real Estate Group in Virginia Beach.

The Hampton Roads Chamber thanks our Chamber Leadership Sponsors:  Southern Bank and Trust, Hampton Roads Workforce Council, and Inside Business. 

Dr. Willie Jolley’s books and videos are available at

Today's PowerPoint slide deck is available here.

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