Portsmouth Welcomes its first Co-Working Space and Entrepreneurship Center

Portsmouth Welcomes its first Co-Working Space and Entrepreneurship Center
Portsmouth Welcomes its first Co-Working Space and Entrepreneurship Center
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Portsmouth Welcomes its first Co-Working Space and Entrepreneurship Center
The IncuHub

The IncuHub, Portsmouth’s first co-working space and Entrepreneurship Center opened its doors on June 21.  Today, The IncuHub crew took part in a Ribbon Cutting ceremony with Mayer Rowe and the City of Portsmouth Economic Development team. This community-driven partnership brings together entrepreneurs looking to connect alongside like-minded people. Located just blocks from downtown Portsmouth (and the Bier Garden), The IncuHub offers a co-working environment and a broad range of services to help make small businesses successful.


The federal government sets aside a fixed percentage of contracts to businesses in historically underutilized business zones (HUBZones). The IncuHub is the only centrally located Hampton Roads co-working space located within a federally-designated HUBZone. The IncuHub also provides business incubator and entrepreneurial support services, giving founders a leg up—especially those competing for government contracts.


“It is a place where you come to work, build relationships, create partnerships, and get support,” said Marko Frigelj, The IncuHub’s founder. “But it’s so much more than that. If needed, we’re going to help you grow your businesses by providing coaching, an accountability structure, and making sure you’re a part of our community. It’s not just co-working space, it’s a supportive community!”


Included in their membership, businesses have access to partnerships with local municipalities and non-profits, and businesses, all while gaining access to services that help them grow.


The IncuHub is helping to build a stronger startup and small business community south of the James and west of the Elizabeth River, including Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, and Isle of Wight County. Unlike other co-working spaces in the region, The IncuHub provides a more comprehensive membership package, designed to foster innovation through community partnership.


Leveraging partnerships with local businesses, universities, and municipalities, The IncuHub members can seek training, joint ventures, and funding to make their businesses more successful. The shared space and innovation center also provides members with free access to an attorney, a banker, an insurance agent, an accountant, marketing professionals, and an entrepreneur-in-residence.  


“The IncuHub is more than co-working,” says Marko. “It is a home for like-minded individuals who want to create value for customers and pursue their passions all while receiving help from a solid support network.” Marko himself is a local business owner and understands the advantages that a solid network can bring to companies.


“It is community. It is support. It is entrepreneurship. It is out-of-the-box thinking.”


For more information or to set up a tour, please visit: www.theincuhub.com or contact Marko Frigelj at: info@theincuhub.com or 757-581-3415

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