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Smash Your Sales Goals in 2018

Smash Your Sales Goals in 2018
Smash Your Sales Goals in 2018
Smash Your Sales Goals in 2018

“No pain, no sale,” said Chad Stenzel, CEO at Sandler Training Tidewater-Hampton Roads, to a packed classroom during the Hampton Roads Chamber Education Series presentation on Wednesday, June 27, 2018.  Stenzel’s presentation “3 Keys to Smashing Your Sales Goals,” discussed the behaviors, attitudes and techniques demonstrated by top sales and client development performers.

“What is keeping you from smashing sales goals?,” Stenzel asked to the audience. The audience excitedly answered “time wasters,” “no room for growth,” and “a shortened sales period.” Although there are no “magic bullets” to fix those issues – success can be achieved as the result of following three key areas: behaviors, attitudes and techniques. For continued growth and improvement, one must have a selling system of their own, have a good attitude about the company they work for and have a strong sense of self-worth in their identity.

Stenzel continued his presentation with a series of interactive exercises. For one exercise, Stenzel had placed a piece of paper with an animal on it at each corner of the room. He had the room get up and go to the corner of the animal that they each identified with the most. The options included an elephant, lion, bear and cockroach. At the end of the exercise, Stenzel had a representative from each corner discuss why they had chosen that animal. Some answers included “strong,” “versatile,” and “fierce.” After going through the strengths of each group, Stenzel allowed participants to “sell” themselves and convince participants of other teams to switch over to their corner. The goal of the exercise was to help assess participants’ strengths and weaknesses in their personalities and sales techniques.

“Become your customer’s doctor,” said Stenzel. People make decisions logically but they purchase emotionally. It is up to the seller to bridge the gap of where their prospect is and where they want to be by listening and allowing the prospect to talk about their needs.

The Hampton Roads Chamber is committed to serve as an Impactful Advocate, Powerful Economic Partner and Inspiring Ignitor for our region, as well as striving to put forth the best effort in growing business leaders in the community. Thank you to our Chamber Education Sponsors: Presenting Sponsor, Southern Bank; Gold Sponsor, Managing Communications Consulting; Lunch Sponsor, Bahama Breeze.

Chad Stenzel has provided a link to his presentation here.

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