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Federal Budget and Update on GSA-VA Schedules

Federal Budget and Update on GSA-VA Schedules
Federal Budget and Update on GSA-VA Schedules
Federal Budget and Update on GSA-VA Schedules
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Keynote Connections Newsletter Volume I – May 2018 

With a new administration in place and GSA/VA ranks filled as well it’s time to look at some current developments in the GSA/VA Schedules program and Federal Contracting Budget cycle in general.  The pace of change in the schedules programs and administration priorities has markedly sped up so it’s important to know where we they are periodically.


  1. Federal Budget:

    There is more money in the Federal Budget and therefore agency coffers now since the Reagan years and that trend will continue for at least 18 months.  These are catch up times for DOD, the VA and Department of Homeland Security particularly and all agencies in general.  Those wish lists that federal COs have been carrying around for years may suddenly be funded so it’s time to SELL, SELL  and SELL and make some market driven improvements to your GSA/VA Contracts.


  2. GSA/VA Schedules in General:

  1. There are no new schedules in the past year or two but GSA schedule 75-Office Supplies has reopened after being closed for 7 years during the Strategic sourcing Initiative (SSI) frenzy of the previous GSA FSS leadership.  Qualifications for the new schedule 75 are more difficult than before but it is a much more comprehensive and attractive contract that the 2010 model.

  2. New Special Items Numbers (SINS) are always appearing in existing schedules as GSA tries to keep up with changing and expanded agency customer needs and new technologies.  Schedule 70 (IT) has seen the most changes, particularly in the area of Cyber Security.  The VA Schedules program has seen an expansion of new SINS as well with more emphasis on Maintenance and Repair among others.

  3. OOCORP – Professional Services Schedule continues to be very popular with the federal agencies and it is a lot easier to add new SINS by modification in other services areas rather than trying to get a completely new schedule.  For example many schedule 874 MOBIS legacy contractors who did Strategic Consulting and Training etc. also do AIMS Advertising and Integrated Marketing Services in Advertising and Public Relations etc.  in the pre 2015/16 schedule days that would require two separate schedules.  Now it only requires adding additional services SINs to a OOCORP Contract.

  4. Streamlined GSA Schedules Contracts for those who have earned at least 14 year of service on a GSA Schedule Contract.  This is perhaps the newest innovation at GSA FSS to help both the contractor and the FSS Staff.  Rather than waiting until aster your contract is fully expired at the 20th year and making a brand new complete schedule offer you can now submit a very streamlined version akin to a modification at the 14 year mark to get a brand new contract.  This is such a big change and good deal that is it a real good idea to jump on this in case it goes away

    Keynote Connections can advise you on this new program.

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