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Jeff Byrd Presents The Law of the Rubber Band

Jeff Byrd Presents The Law of the Rubber Band
Jeff Byrd Presents The Law of the Rubber Band
Jeff Byrd Presents The Law of the Rubber Band
Jeff Byrd Presents The Law of the Rubber Band

Speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell Team, Jeff Byrd, presented: “The Law of the Rubber Band” during the Chamber Education Lunch Series on Wednesday, June 12. The presentation stemmed from the well-renowned novel by John C. Maxwell “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, Live Them and Reach Your Potential.” One of the 15 invaluable laws is the Law of the Rubber Band which emphasizes the thought that growth stops when you lose the tension between where you are and where you want to be.

Through this concept, Byrd urged the audience to reflect on this idea of being halted in their own growth in their work and professional lives. Skills development is directly related to the rubber band concept because by continuing to learn and develop skills, the preverbal rubber band keeps stretching and bridging the gap between where you are and where you can be.

Byrd also highlighted that just like a rubber band, the expansion and development of skills come from the inside out. In order to help others around you whether it be in the workplace or personally, you should first help yourself. There are many benefits of stretching, it requires change, sets you apart, and it can become a lifestyle. These benefits help individuals add value to their everyday lives professionally and personally.

Byrd compared the concept to the famous Sequoia tree in California. This tree is the longest living organism and it is still growing. Comparatively, people can mirror the growth of the tree and continue to be persistent in their stretching and skill development.

Attendees participated in group breakout sessions answering questions on what overall areas do you think require growth in your life right now? How can you further develop/use your strengths to add values to others? What could be the outcome of stretching in your areas of strengths? Think as many benefits as possible. What would a greater growth culture look like for you and your team?

The discussion was engaging and thought-provoking and sparked discussion throughout the room. These questions provided pivotal takeaways from the presentation and can be used as tools to be applied to anyone’s professional and business lives.

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Thank you to our sponsors: Presenting: Southern Bank, Gold: Managing Communications, Lunch: Bahama Breeze.

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