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Chamber Education Series : CAVU International CEO David Burnham

Chamber Education Series : CAVU International CEO David Burnham
Chamber Education Series : CAVU International CEO David Burnham
Chamber Education Series : CAVU International CEO David Burnham
Our Chamber Education Series continues with "Are we good or just lucky?" How to affect the culture within your organization: Leadership, Team Behaviors, and Processes. Presented by CAVU International CEO David Burnham.

    “Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited”; not only is that the meaning behind the company name, but that is also the atmosphere CAVU International CEO David Burnham produces when it comes to portraying exceptional leadership skills. The Hampton Roads Chamber is proud to serve this region as an Inspiring Ignitor as we continue our Chamber Education Series focusing on leadership, team behaviors, and process. As all businesses and organizations strive to perfect our leadership qualities, we should ask ourselves at times; are we good or just lucky?

     Burnham highlighted four pillars of Operational Excellence Culture, which emphasizes developing a set of normal expectations:

  1. Leadership
  2. Safety Culture
  3. Process
  4. Staff Behaviors

     Burnham emphasized, “It’s so critical that we hold ourselves accountable to our standards”; that is a testimony that has thrived within his leadership role at CAVU International.

     Four pillars should be supported by leading, taking ownership, repeating the successful process, and standardizing staff behaviors to exceed the expectations and reach for the perfect work environment. “The number one thing is and integrity and how do we ensure people are doing the right thing even when no one’s looking.”

     “As young leaders and older leaders and with everyone in between, the day that we stop forcing ourselves to get a little bit better is the day we start to atrophy; and the day we start to let ourselves atrophy, is the day we increase the risk on the rest of our team, I would argue by choice.” Burnham talked about how it is important to ensure truthful evaluation where the standards are set and met, and if plans do not meet expectations or do not go to plan, then that debrief should be communicated before as such.  

     Burnham expressed the importance of making sure the standards are acknowledged; “this is what we want to do; this is what right looks like.” He acknowledges that the message should also debrief faults of what can go wrong to ensure that the standards exceed expectations.


     Burnham stressed the importance during the presentation of the Chronic Unease chart that if we exceed the performance and evaluate our work performance for day debriefs, then days that were not performed to great caliber won’t affect work production as much.

     “We never really know when one of our people will have the opportunity to step up and lead”, a strong leadership quality that Burnham utilizes that he expressed to the audience. This method of making sure all employees are equipped and ready to lead if any circumstance would come up summarizes a very great leadership quality that every leader should portray.

     To learn more about CAVU International, visit their website at About – CAVU INTERNATIONAL. CAVU International is also The Hampton Roads Chamber 2021 Virginia Beach Small Business of The Year!


To view the slides of this presentation click the link below:

To can watch the recap of the live event here:


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