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Keynote Connections

Keynote Connections
Keynote Connections
Keynote Connections
Keynote Connections is a professional administrative, management and government services consulting firm with the capability and experience to do background research, project scheduling, project administration and cost accounting for projects.

Business Name: Keynote Connections
Phone: 914-693-0728
President's Name: Judith Juback
President's Title: President

What are your business's core values, goals, and overall mission?

Corporate Mission
To provide clients with professional consulting services that will directly impact their profitability and market position through implementation of Corporate Policies and the creation of positive corporate culture.

Corporate Philosophy
To provide each client with quality services based on a professional code of ethics, sound business practices and a full understanding of corporate profitability.

Keynote Connections, Inc. recognizes that ethical conduct and quality service create trust which directly leads towards the company's and the client's success.

We recognize that the most effective way to cultivate a successful business environment is through the development of a standard group of qualities.

- Appreciation

- Dependability

- Stability

- Long Term Commitment

- Team Orientation

- Professionalism

- Loyalty

Corporate Profile
Keynote Connections is a professional administrative, management and government services consulting firm with the capability and experience to do background

research, project scheduling, project administration and cost accounting for projects.

Keynote Connections is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia with a Midwestern office in South Bend, Indiana that allows us to serve the entire East Coast and to stay in close touch with the U.S. Military and U.S. Government Agencies.

Keynote Connections is organized as a Small Woman Owned Business

Share some unique facts and business history? What makes your business stand out?
Keynote Connections Inc., a Federal Government Contracting Consulting and QuickBooks Advisory Firm, has recently joined the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce.  Established in 1990 with offices in Virginia Beach and the Chicago area, Keynote Connections has more than 28 years experience in large/IDIQ/MAC/GWAC Contract Preparation, negotiation, administration and compliance monitoring. Specializing in GSA and VA Schedule Contracts and GWACs, Keynote Connections has worked on more than 400 contracts. Keynote Connections helps clients in their nationwide Federal Marketing efforts as well, with focus on DOD and the VA.

A skilled QuickBooks Advisory firm, Keynote Connections is knowledgeable of both Government and commercial bookkeeping requirements and can provide turnkey QuickBooks bookkeeping services and financial consulting. Keynote Connections can set up a streamlined accounts payable and receivable program to improve cash flow and aid in real time financial business management and train your staff in updated QuickBooks procedures.

Keynote Connections can also provide a variety of qualified public speakers to meetings or conduct organizational workshops in Federal Government Contracting, QuickBooks training and Community Service.

What products or services do you offer companies or individuals?
Our Services/Capabilities
Keynote Connections is a Small Woman Owned Business that provides superior levels of service to our customers. The principals have been national and regional commercial and federal government sales/marketing managers for large and small businesses. They have presented sales/marketing/government contracting workshops throughout the U.S.

- GSA/VA Schedule Turnkey Preparation

- GSA/VA Schedule Contract Management

- Managing Relationships Between your Company and GSA/VA

- GSA Contractor Assessment Visits (CAV) & Audit Assistance

- RFP Preparation and other GWAC Preparation (Oasis etc.)

- QuickBooks Consulting/Bookkeeping Services

- Other Government Contracting Consulting Services

Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and South Bend, Indiana with partners located throughout the United States, we are well qualified and positioned to serve the nationwide needs of our commercial and government customers.

What are the greatest obstacles and/or challenges that your business has faced? How have you and your business overcome them?
The greatest obstacles and/or challenges Keynote Connections faces are dealing with various Federal Government database issues. Whether dealing with SAM, SIP, FEDCONNECT, EOffer or EModification, or FedBiz Ops, at times the programs are not functioning up to their capabilities. 

Keynote Connections clients periodically contact the company to explain various emails received from Government Agencies. If the email pertains to a specific database, Keynote will actually go into the system, locate the issues and implement a procedure to solve the problem. A number of times this involves working with the tier 2 programmers.

Keynote Connections has been working the SIP database since 2000 and encountered an extensive number of issues with the program. Working with tier 2 programmers, we have resolved all the problems encountered.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?
Keynote Connections is extremely proud of the relationships developed with our clients over the past 20 years. Keynote Connections has implemented a unique problem solving procedure telephone conference calls. When our clients contact us with an issue, we request an email detailing the problems, and then set up a conference call.

Our client conference calls enable us to fully understand the issues, clarify any misunderstandings, and provide a solution that is acceptable to the client and any government agency involved.  The conference call also involves questions and answers that may directly impact the clients business. 

As our clients have stated over and over again, it is great having a live person to talk to regarding business problems.

What do you see for the future of your business?
Keynote Connections Federal Government / QuickBooks Services Keynote Connections fully expects to provide reliable and accurate Federal Government Consulting Services to the Hampton Roads business community and expand its market into the Chicago Midwest area. 

Keynote Connections Professional Speaker Programs Keynote Connections has developed a substantial data base of Professional Speakers / Consultants over the past 25 years of business. These individuals have a lifetime of expertise in their related fields and offer their services to the Corporate and Community worlds. They bring to an audience extensive knowledge on specific topics.

The categories of expertise are very informative and detailed. Here are a few of the categories / areas of expertise of their presentations:

Business Development

- Developing a New Business

- Business Legal Issues

- Business Plans

- DUNs Numbers

Federal Government Contracting

- How to Sell to the Federal Government

- NAICS Code Classification

- SAM Entity Database

- GSA Schedule Preparation

- GSA Contract Administration

- EModification for GSA Schedules

- Readiness Assessment Research

- Contractor Assessment Audits

- Marketing Strategies

Community Topics

- Value of Community Volunteerism

- Personal Development

- Inspirational Development

- Dealing with Stress

All Presentations are created to meet the needs of the target audience. Business meetings between the Event Planner and the Speakers are expected at least 3 months in advance in order to enable the Speaker enough time to customize his / her presentation. Contact Judith Juback at (914) 693-0728 or email at for further information.

Why are you a member of the Hampton Roads Chamber?
Hampton Roads Chamber has an outstanding reputation of providing valuable and current information to the local and national business community. The educational luncheons offer new and established business avenues for growth and management of business practices. In addition, the businesses networking functions provide an excellent opportunity for establishing business relationships in an information setting.

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