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Executive Beverage

Executive Beverage
Executive Beverage
Executive Beverage
Our Mission is to be recognized by our clients, peers and colleagues as the clear and obvious choice for private event services by providing effective event consulting, quick and precise event planning, state of the art equipment, professional bartenders, event and entertainment staff, brilliant private bar settings and incredibly fresh themed cocktails anywhere, anytime.

Business Name: Executive Beverage, LLC
Phone: 757-995-5855
President's Name: Mr. Dennis M. Ferrigno Jr.
President's Title: Founder/ CEO

What are your business’s core values, goals, and overall mission?
Executive Beverage’s Core Values
Meaningful Value
Personal and Professional Growth

Our Goals:
To provide premium personal guest service unparalleled among our competitors.
To provide time and money saving event consulting to ease the stress of entertaining guests.
To provide quality products and the freshest ingredients.
To provide elite, professional and reliable bartenders, waitstaff, porters & Dj’s to our clients.

Our Mission:
Our Mission is to be recognized by our clients, peers and colleagues as the clear and obvious choice for private event services by providing effective event consulting, quick and precise event planning, state of the art equipment, professional bartenders, event and entertainment staff, brilliant private bar settings and incredibly fresh themed cocktails anywhere, anytime.

Share some unique facts and business history? What makes your business stand out?
Executive Beverage is a young company creating our history as we go. Currently, our team is being featured monthly on WTKR’S News Channel 3 showing the Hampton Roads Community our tips and tricks to making fresh cocktails at home. Throughout time, Executive Beverage has continued to serve the leaders of our community. Some notable guests we’ve catered to in the area include: Congressman Scott Taylor, former Governor Terry McAuliffe, Mayor of Virginia Beach Mr. Will
Sessoms, construction mogul Stephan Ballard, hotel and restauranteur Bruce L. Thompson, CHKD Hampton Roads, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services and Strike Force Energy Brand.

Executive Beverage stands out because we provide an unparalleled user experience with our clients needs as our number one priority.

What products or services do you offer companies or individuals?
Planners, Bartenders, Bar-backs, Waitstaff, Event Porters/ Assistants and live entertainment.

We offer state of the art equipment for your event including tents, coat racks, tables, linens, stainless steel ice wells, kegerators, coolers, juicers, blenders, decor and more!

We offer themed cocktail menus, cups, ice, fruit, herbs, mixers, soda, water, coffee, syrups and decor.

What are the greatest obstacles and/or challenges that your business has faced? How have you and your business overcome them?
The greatest obstacle our business has faced and will continue to face is exposure and the learning curve of a new type of service that has not existed in the past. We found ourselves having to teach our potential clients about the possibilities with private event bartending staffing and entertainment. We have been overcoming these obstacles by producing introductory presentations and videos that depict our services and the experience we want to deliver. In addition, we have been able to ask
previous clients to review our services on the business’s social platforms where today’s consumer makes the majority of purchasing decisions. With a palatable presentation of our services and a body of reviews affirm it, we have been able to steadily overcome our prospective clients learning curve and will continue to evolve them as our clients needs change.

What accomplishments are your most proud of?
Being a young company, I am most proud of our amazing staff and clients. It has always been my dream to create something to share with my family, friends in a way that was impactful in meaningful ways. It makes me truly proud to have the opportunity to provide an amazing service for our clients and a healthy living for our employees.

What do you see for the future of your business?
We see Executive Beverage growing into the stratosphere. Executive Beverage will be operating as the number one private event bartending, staffing and consulting company in the United States in 5-10 years. The company will have 5-10 franchises across the country serving guests in major cities by 2025. We will be exploring the opportunity for a private offering with a public listing on the NYSE to follow in the near future.

Why are you a member of the Hampton Roads Chamber?
We are a member of the Chambers to be a part of our business community and its leaders in a more productive way. The Chambers have been able to bring the great business minds of our community together in on place to consistently deliberate, debate and discuss ongoing developments, opportunities and shortfalls we are faced with. We would like to be an active contributor in our business community and aid in growing this amazing city into the unequivocal number one destination on the North East shores of the United States.

Would you recommend Chamber Membership to other companies and what advice would you
give them?

Join the Chambers to grow and learn.

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