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2011 Annual Meeting to be Held December 8

2011 Annual Meeting to be Held December 8
2011 Annual Meeting to be Held December 8
2011 Annual Meeting to be Held December 8

Save the date!  The Chamber will host its 27th Annual Meeting of the Membership on Thursday, December 8 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center from 11:45am-2:00pm.  This premier event for the membership is a luncheon with legislators, state government officials, and the most influential business people in Hampton Roads.  At the 2010 Annual Meeting, more than 45 legislators and constitutional officers were in attendance.  The Chamber will honor its outgoing 2011 volunteer leadership and recognize its incoming 2012 volunteer leaders.  In addition, the 2011 Volunteer of the Year Award will be presented. 

Brian ShulThis year’s keynote speaker is Brian Shul, who after 20 years as an Air Force fighter pilot, is an accomplished author, speaker, and photographer.  Flying close air support missions in Viet Nam, Shul flew 212 missions before his aircraft was shot down.  Severely burned in the crash he was given little chance of survival.  He spent one year in hospitals and endured 15 reconstructive surgeries. After countless hours of physical therapy, Brian surprised his doctors and returned to flying jets.  After becoming an airshow demonstration pilot in fighter jets, Brian also taught at the TOPGUN School and culminated his Air Force career with selection to fly our nation’s premier spy plane, the SR-71.  Only 93 Air Force pilots in history ever flew the SR-71, still the fastest plane ever built.  Brian flew the Blackbird for 4 years and was the pilot who provided key photos of Libyan terrorist camps to President Reagan during the Libyan Crisis in 1986.  Brian retired from the Air Force in 1990, and pursued his writing interests.  He was the first SR-71 pilot ever to write a book about flying that plane, illustrated with his own photography.  It earned him the Aviation Book of the Year title from the Smithsonian.  He has written four other aviation books, for which he did all the flying, writing, and photography.  He is the only man in America to have flown extensively with both the Air Force Thunderbirds and Navy Blue Angels in the making of those books.  His message of living fearlessly and making the most of each day resonates with men and women from all walks of life.  Brian is the owner of Gallery One in California where his nationally acclaimed photography is on display.

As a feature of this year’s Annual Meeting, the Chamber has invited guests from Virginia’s Wounded Warriors program to join us for lunch.  Opportunities are available for Chamber members to host these special guests.  For more information on this event, visit  For sponsorship opportunities, click here.


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