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An Attitude of Excellence

An Attitude of Excellence
An Attitude of Excellence
An Attitude of Excellence
Dr. Willie Jolley presented "An Attitude of Excellence" at the Chamber Leadership Series event on July 11.

“When you change your thinking, you change your future,” Dr. Willie Jolley made sure that the guests in attendance of this month’s Chamber Leadership Series understood the importance of mindset, and its invaluable impact in how we lead our day-to-day lives.

Dr. Jolley is a world-renowned motivational speaker, recognized by Toastmasters International as one of the top five Motivational Speakers in the world and at the Chamber Leadership Series on July 11, he proved why. At the core of his message, Jolley inspired the room to seek motivation to be better through a commitment to both “attitude and excellence.” These, Jolley says, are “the start of the sequence of the combination lock to reach success.”

Being a leader is about going the extra mile and making things happen, as “the only place that has no traffic jam is the extra mile.” To be successful, as a leader, Jolley believes that we must do more, and exceed what is expected of us. To grow, we must “give more than expected, perform better than expected, and serve more than expected.”

According to Dr. Jolley, it takes just four components to transform your life: vision, decision, action, and desire. See the bigger picture, and envision the change your life needs. Have a decisive nature, to make the tough decisions in life, making us better and eliminating distractions. Take action on those decisions, and continue to desire growth and improvement in all that you do.

In his closing remarks, Jolley challenged the room to “have the optimism that the best lay ahead of [us], and that the best is yet to come.” It is compelling to have the ability to think positively, and to fill yourself with “the pure, the powerful and the positive.”

The Hampton Roads Chamber provides a platform through which leaders can come to grow, challenge themselves and their current mindset at our Chamber Leadership Series. The Leadership Series helps the Hampton Roads Chamber work as a powerful economic partner, inspiring ignitor, impactful advocate, and regional collaborator for our diverse and inclusive business community.

The Hampton Roads Chamber says thank you to our Chamber Leadership sponsors: Series Presenting Sponsor, Southern Bank; Series Silver Sponsor, Hampton Roads Workforce Council; Media Sponsor, Inside Business; Host Sponsor, Westin Hotels and Resorts.


The Hampton Roads Chamber Leadership Series continues August 8 with Charles Plisco and an inside look at the IKEA story, and October 10 with Kathleen King and Tate’s Bakeshop success model.


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