GSA PSS & Oasis Contracts Conference June 2018 - Recap

GSA PSS & Oasis Contracts Conference June 2018 - Recap
GSA PSS & Oasis Contracts Conference June 2018 - Recap
GSA PSS & Oasis Contracts Conference June 2018 - Recap
GSA PSS/Oasis Contracts Conference June 2018 - Recap V4

I came away from the annual GSA PSS/Oasis Conference very hopeful for the next few years. Emily Murphy, the new GSA Administrator, unlike many of her predecessors, is all about Contracting and GSA Contracts/Schedules and she is not wrapped up in the Public Building Side of GSA. She was a onetime Chief Acquisition Manager for all of GSA and then moved into a job as the Senior Staff person for several House/Senate Business Committees dealing with Federal Contracting, so she has the contacts and political savvy to be very effective. Alan Thomas, the new FAS Administrator, is very familiar with Large and Small Business (industry) contracting issues as he came from that background and has listened well to the old GSA hands. He has made the strategic sourcing low ball price methodology of his predecessors goes away and we are once again back to Best Value for both Services and Products which is good for all. He is also all about speeding up the handling of Contract Actions on GSAs side of the fence.

The 4th quarter of FY 2018 has just begun and as of June 25, 2018 only 50% of FY 2018 spending had been done, leaving the FEDS with 3 months to spend the remaining 50%.On top of that, for the next 15 months, there is going to be more Federal Contracting dollars available than in any previous period. PSS Schedule eMod are being turned around faster in 27 days on average and new schedules are being processed in 136 days. If you already have a PSS Schedule and need to tune it up for the 4th quarter, give us a call and we can help you modify it to add new services or labor hour Categories (LHCS) etc. or adjust your pricing etc. so you will have a refreshed FSS Pricelist for Schedules Elibrary and GSA Advantage. There are more RFQs and RFPS in the immediate pipeline than in recent memory so you need to get “ALL HANDS ON DECK” for your 4th qtr Bid preparations. It’s all about the numbers, so it is important to get as many opportunities bid as you can. We can help preparing some or all of your RFQs/RFPs so you don’t get BID FATIGUE…..

I for one have known several companies in my 30+ years of Federal Contracting that did 90% of their business in September each year, as they were still plugging away when others had tired…. If you haven’t been as successful as you want and haven’t tried or maximized the proper use of GSA Contractor Teaming Arrangements (CTAs), then you are missing an important tool. We have a lot of experience with these and can help you with the paperwork and knowing how to use CTAs to get GSA Sales credits.

The OASIS unrestricted and OASIS (SB) contracts have been very successful with the ability to do cost reimbursable orders and use standardized LHC titles. Future on- ramps are scheduled for OASIS. I am told that the Air Force and Army both like OASIS while the Navy/USMC team must use Seaport e NGX which bid July 2, 2018. Being a former member of DOD for many years, I know how hard it is to get all the branches of service on the same sheet of music and that has not changed.

Good Luck in the 4th Qtr and call us at 914-693-0728 on the East Coast or 410-375-7886 in the Midwest or West Coast if you need some assistance in prepping Emods or RFQs/RFPS or Compliance matters. We have branches in Virginia Beach, VA and in the Chicago area. You can also get us at (Email)

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