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Governor McDonnell Releases Draft 2013 Virginia PPTA Pipeline

Governor McDonnell Releases Draft 2013 Virginia PPTA Pipeline
Governor McDonnell Releases Draft 2013 Virginia PPTA Pipeline
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Governor McDonnell Releases Draft 2013 Virginia PPTA Pipeline

Governor McDonnell Releases Draft 2013 Virginia PPTA Pipeline
– Next Generation of P3 Projects Will Continue Virginia's Progress Towards Meeting Multimodal Transportation Needs –

Governor Bob McDonnell released the Office of Transportation Public-Private Partnerships' ("OTP3") Draft 2013 Virginia PPTA Pipeline. The pipeline - which contains both long identified public-private transportation projects and new conceptual projects - follows on the heels of a year in which the value of the deals closed exceeded almost all other transportation markets across the globe, and Virginia's P3 program was recognized as an international leader in public-private partnerships.

Speaking about today's release, Governor McDonnell said "The reforms implemented over the past three years to Virginia's PPTA program have turned what was already a nationally recognized program into an international leader. Through partnering with the private sector, over $5 billion worth of infrastructure projects have been closed with limited state investment. Not only are these projects tackling some of our most complicated and expensive transportation challenges, but they are creating jobs and economic growth and improving our citizens' quality of life. As we look to build upon these successes, the projects contained in this year's update to the PPTA pipeline provide potential solutions to reduce congestion, improve technology, and provide a greater level of service to the traveling public."

The 2013 PPTA Pipeline includes ten candidate projects and ten conceptual projects identified by Secretary of Transportation Sean T. Connaughton, OTP3, and representatives from Virginia's seven multimodal transportation agencies. Candidate projects are those projects where enough work has been done to move them through the screening process so that an informed procurement process decision can be made. Conceptual projects are those projects where additional business and financial analysis is necessary before moving to the screening process.

Candidate projects included in the Draft 2013 PPTA Pipeline are:

  • I-66 Corridor Improvements (VDOT/DRPT)
  • Air Rights Development (VDOT)
  • I-64 HOV to HOT Conversion (VDOT/DRPT)
  • I-64 Peninsula Improvements (VDOT)
  • Hampton Roads Crossing Improvements (VDOT/DRPT)
  • I-73 Corridor Improvement Project (VDOT)
  • Route 460/58 Connector (VDOT)
  • I-495 Express Lanes Extension (VDOT/DRPT)
  • Cell Tower/Fiber Optic Opportunities (VDOT)
  • Route 460/I-85 Connector (VDOT)

The conceptual projects include:

  • Weigh-In-Motion Truck Validation System (DMV)
  • Availability Payments (VDOT)
  • Wallops Island Visitor and Support Facilities (VCSFA)
  • Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities (VDOT)
  • Parking Facilities Enhancements (VDOT)
  • New Park and Ride Facilities (VDOT)
  • I-81 Managed Travel Lanes System (VDOT)
  • Rest Area Enhancements - Electric Car Charging Stations (VDOT)
  • Rest Area Enhancements - Truck Parking Facilities at High Priority Locations (VDOT)
  • Route 460 Business Corridor Improvements (VDOT)

This year's PPTA Pipeline also includes information on the progress made in advancing critical infrastructure projects such as the nearly $1.9 billion 495 Express Lanes, the $2.1 billion Downtown Tunnel/Midtown Tunnel/MLK Extension Project, and the $925 million I-95 Express Lanes Project. Further, it discusses several new initiatives to better inform the public and Virginia's decision makers. These initiatives include a new PPTA Working Group comprised of General Assembly members and industry leaders, regularly updated newsletters, and the development of PPTA Public Involvement Guidelines to illustrate the various milestones throughout the project development and procurement process and identify the specific opportunities for public involvement and feedback.

"Virginia's PPTA program is one of our most important tools for tackling large scale infrastructure projects," said Secretary Connaughton. "Not only does the private sector provide financial resources that make otherwise impossible projects doable, but, more importantly, it brings innovative new ideas to complex problems that can reduce costs and make projects deliverable more quickly."

OTP3 Director Tony Kinn said "Governor McDonnell created OTP3 to consolidate the Commonwealth's P3 expertise under one roof and begin taking a more programmatic approach to how we advance these critical projects. The PPTA Pipeline is the embodiment of this effort by identifying both short and long-term opportunities to attract private sector investment in our transportation infrastructure."

Through August 1, 2013, the public and all interested stakeholders are encouraged to comment and provide feedback on the Draft 2013 PPTA Pipeline, and OTP3 will host a webinar for industry representatives on July 22, 2013.

Additional details on the webinar, a copy of the draft pipeline, and information regarding OTP3 and any of Virginia's ongoing PPTA projects can be found at:

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