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2016 Chesapeake Division Board Retreat

2016 Chesapeake Division Board Retreat
2016 Chesapeake Division Board Retreat
2016 Chesapeake Division Board Retreat
Chairman, Rhonda Bridgeman kicked off the 2016 Chesapeake Division Board Retreat held at the Lifestyles Center at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center.

The retreat had a packed agenda that included business, medical, infrastructure, and educational leaders. The two hour meeting was designed to engage and empower the Chesapeake Board to tackle the challenges and opportunities facing the city and the region.

Guest presenters included Bryan Stephens, HRCC President and CEO; Dr. Peter Bastone, President and CEO of Chesapeake Regional Medical; Ted Henefin, General Manager of the Hampton Roads Sanitation District; and Dr. Corey McCray, VP of Workforce Solutions with Tidewater Community College.

Chairman Bridgeman noted that the Board and the membership should focus on partnering with over business and development organization on issues and challenges facing the city; assisting the city in developing new areas for business and industrial growth in the decades to come; continuing to work with public and private sectors in the area of workforce development; and growing the Chamber’s membership.


The Chesapeake Board will meet on February 17th from 9:00 to 10:30 at the Lifestyles Center to hear a presentation by Bob Williams (developer of Harbourview) on the use of Special Taxing Districts in Suffolk and a historical overview of the successful 25 year old community.

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