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News & Notes From the Virginia General Assembly

News & Notes From the Virginia General Assembly
News & Notes From the Virginia General Assembly
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News & Notes From the Virginia General Assembly

Tuesday, January 21, 2013

Private Option:  A Path Forward for Virginia

A proposal is being advanced in Richmond for a Virginia private option plan that rejects federal rules and simple expansion of the current Medicaid Program proposed under the Affordable Care Act in favor of a uniquely Virginia approach that:

  • Returns Virginia tax dollars to the Commonwealth and offers individuals a choice of private alternative benefit plans with strong care coordination, cost-sharing and incentives for healthy behavior.
  • Builds on Virginia's unique integrated care systems.
  • Delivers value - the private integrated care systems will share risk and be held accountable for managing costs and improving quality.
  • Requires a co-payment tied to income.
  • Saves and supports thousands of jobs across the state.
  • Significantly helps hospitals in Hampton Roads and the Commonwealth who are being impacted by Medicare cuts related to the Affordable Care Act.
  • Builds on a Virginia managed, centralized enrollment system to protect against fraud.

 -       The Chamber will provide timely updates on the private option path forward for Virginia as they develop.

Workers Compensation

HB1017 (Kilgore R-1st), HB1083 (Ware R-65th) - Limits the liability of an employer for medical treatment provided to an injured person that is rendered by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant serving as an assistant-at-surgery to no more than 20% of the charge of the physician performing surgery.  (SUPPORT)


HB2 (Stolle R-83rd) - Gives priority to projects expected to provide the greatest congestion reduction relative to the cost of the project.  (SUPPORT)

SB19 (Lucas D-18th) - Virginia Casino Gaming Commission created to license casinos.  Proceeds would go to locality (10%) and toll mitigation fund (90%).

 Governors Term of Office

SJ4 (Garrett R-23rd) - Permits a Governor elected in 2017 and thereafter to succeed himself in office.  (SUPPORT)


HB873 (Jones R-76th) - Changes Virginia's ports-related tax credits by increasing the annual amount of international trade facility tax credits that may be issued from $250,000 to $1.25M and decreasing the barge and rail usage tax credits that may be issued from $1.5M to $500,000.  The bill reduces from 10% to 5% the minimum annual increase in cargo transported as a condition of eligibility for the international trade facility tax credit.  (SUPPORT)


HB375 (O'Quinn R-5th), SB150 (Stuart R-28th) - Patent Infringement, assertions made in bad faith.  Prohibits any person from making in bad faith an assertion, allegation, or claim that a resident of the Commonwealth is infringing a patent.

Employment Law

HB93 (Krupicka D-45th) - Prohibits state agencies and private employers from including on any employment application a question inquiring whether the prospective employee has ever been arrested or charged with, or convicted of any crime, subject to certain exceptions.  (OPPOSED)


The following school calendar bills are OPPOSED by the Chambers:  HB35, HB42, HB333, HB386, HB577, HB610, and SB131.

Economic Development

HB350 (James D-80th) - Enterprise zones, criteria for designation - expands the criteria for designation as an Enterprise zone. (SUPPORT)

HB871 (Jones R-76th) - Port of Virginia Economic and Infrastructure Development Grant Program.  Expands the existing program into a statewide program. (SUPPORT)

Conflict of Interest

There are a large number of bills submitted to strengthen the Commonwealth's Conflict of Interest laws.  There are broad expectations that a bi-partisan measure will emerge from the 2014 session.  Bills include:  HB15, HB204, HB245, HB246, HB247, HB537, HB625, HB636, HB689, HB713, HB746, HJ5, H591, SB20, SB21, SB23, SB44, SB143, SB149, SB218, SB219, SB265, SB410, SB471, and SJ53.


HB117 (Morrissey D-74th) - A bill to allow localities to levy a 5-cent tax on paper or plastic bags was tabled in a House subcommittee on January 15. (OPPOSED)

For more information on bills we are monitoring, please click here


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