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General Assembly January 19th

General Assembly January 19th
General Assembly January 19th
General Assembly January 19th
A heavy majority of discussions at the General Assembly today revolved around transportation. Chamber EVP and lobbyist, Ira Agricola, had a meeting this morning with Delegate Dawn Hester to discuss transportation funding, Port of Virginia Funding and support for K12 in the Commonwealth. It should be noted that Delegate Hester is carrying a portion of the education funding legislation.

Secretary Aubrey Layne briefed members of the House Transportation Committee.  Delegate Ron Villanueva from Virginia Beach is the new Chair of that Committee.  The Secretary briefed the new prioritization of allocations for transportation. (HB2) This new process requires fully funded projects.

Cathie France, Chief Public Affairs Officer for the Port of Virginia briefed members of the House Transportation Committee in Richmond this morning.  Ms. France briefed a number of economic development issues that impact the Port.  New ships will carry as many as 12,000 containers on a single ship.  A large number of Virginia containers will be shipped via rail (40 plus percent in the near future).  Cathie discussed the Port in terms of being a state wide asset.  $17.5 billion in wages are tied to the Port.  $4.5 million in made in Virginia products ship through the port.  There has been a $30 million swing in revenue year over year.  Turn times for trucks is now less than the industry standard of one hour.  There is a process in place to dredge to a 55 foot channel and the Virginia Port Authority is requesting $350 million in funding from the Commonwealth to fund infrastructure improvements at NIT to build capacity. 

Be sure to keep up with Ira as he keeps us informed on the happenings in the General Assembly. #IraGA2016

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