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News and Notes From the Virginia General Assembly January 16, 2015

News and Notes From the Virginia General Assembly January 16, 2015
News and Notes From the Virginia General Assembly January 16, 2015
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News and Notes From the Virginia General Assembly January 16, 2015
Your Chamber is an advocate in local and state government for businesses. Read on to review legislation that your Chamber is monitoring.


Hampton Veterans Center
HB 1275 Cox (R66th) – A bill to allocate Virginia Public Building Authority Bonds for funding the Hampton Veterans Care Center project. (SUPPORT)

Unemployment Compensation
HB 1278 Davis (R84th) – A bill to amend and reenact sections 60.2-528, 60.2-614, 60.2-618 and 60.2-619 of the Code of Virginia relating to unemployment compensation; employer responsibility for benefit charges. (SUPPORT – these recommendations emerged from the Business Development Caucus)

Local License Taxes
HB 1352 Ramadan (R87th) – A bill to amend and reenact section 58.1-3732 Code of Virginia relating to deductions from gross receipts for the purpose of computing local license tax.  (MONITOR)

Natural Gas System Expansion
HB 1475 Ware (R65th) – A bill to amend the Code of Virginia by adding Title 56 a chapter numbered 28, consisting of sections numbered 56-610 through 56-613, relating to natural gas system expansion infrastructure; recovery and deferral of costs.  (SUPPORT)

Minimum Wage
HB 1512 Simon (D53rd) (Also SB 681, SB 706) – establishes minimum wage at $15.15 per hour with yearly adjustments.  (OPPOSE) 

Note:  the Chamber favors the minimum wage as prescribed in the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act.

Right to Work
HJ 490 Bell (R58th) - Constitutional Amendment (first resolution) proposes to codify the “Right to Work” statute in the Constitution.

HJ 502 – Fowler (R55th) – Constitutional Amendment (first resolution) requiring transportation funds to be permanent and separate from the state operating funds.

SB 743 – Lucas (D18th) – Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission, local representation.  Allows the chief elected officer of each locality within Planning District 23 to have a representative from the same governing body serve on the HRTAC.

Labor Day/School Opening
HB 1588 – Stolle (R83rd) – Provides flexibility to schools failing to achieve full accreditation.

HB 1550 – Greason (R32nd) – Makes local school boards responsible for setting the school calendar and determining the opening date of school year and eliminates the post Labor Day opening requirement and “good cause” scenarios for which the Board of Education can grant exemptions.  (OPPOSED)

HJ 563 – DeSteph (R82nd) – JLARC to update its 2004 study of replacing individual income tax revenues with sales and use tax revenues.  This resolution requires JLARC to develop recommendations for replacing the individual income tax based on the elimination of exemptions from the state and local retail sales and use tax.

SB 656 – Garrett (R22nd) – Economic Development, local revenue from certain taxes for qualified locality.  Provides that the Virginia income tax net revenue and sales and use tax generated by certain corporations be transferred to the qualified locality under certain conditions.

SB 880 – Lewis (D6th) – Allows any locality by ordinance to prohibit retailers from providing disposable plastic bags to consumers.

SB 886 – Peterson (D34th) – Imposes a five-cent bag tax on plastic bags provided to customers by certain retailers in localities wholly located in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

HB 1631 – Lingamfelter (R31st) – The bill requires the Manufacturing Development Commission to advise the General Assembly and the Governor on policies that would induce light manufacturing businesses to locate their operations in Virginia.

Sports Authority
HB 1257 – Villanueva (R21st) – Creates the Virginia Sports Authority.  Duties include promotion of sporting events, the power to issue bonds and construct facilities.  The authority shall be entitled to all state sales and use tax revenues that are generated by transactions taking place within the facility for the life of the bonds.


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