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News & Notes from the Virginia General Assembly

News & Notes from the Virginia General Assembly
News & Notes from the Virginia General Assembly
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News & Notes from the Virginia General Assembly
Thursday, January 16, 2013


60-Day Legislative Session

It is expected that the General Assembly will consider nearly 3,000 bills and resolutions during the “long” session.  The body is also required by the Virginia Constitution to adopt a balanced, biennial budget for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.

Governor Terry McAuliffe was sworn in over the weekend as Virginia’s 72nd Governor.  The new Governor has pledged to make the creation of jobs his top priority over the next four years.


SB221 (Petersen D-34th) – Eliminates the $64 annual license tax on hybrid electric motor vehicles, imposed July 1, 2013.  (OPPOSED)

HB396 (O’Bannon R-73rd) and SB298 (Watkins R-10th) – Funding of Department of Rail and Public Transportation – codifies appropriation act language dealing with funding the Department of Rail and Public Transportation.  (SUPPORT)

SB511 (Wagner R-7th) – Changes the composition of the CTB so that one member will be appointed from each of Virginia’s 11 congressional districts instead of from each of the 9 highway districts.  The five at-large and 4 ex-officio members remain unchanged.  Hampton Roads would gain a member under the proposed legislation.  (SUPPORT)

HB975 (Rust R-86th) – Repeals the $64 hybrid annual license tax.  (OPPOSED)

HB379 (Surovell D-44th) and SB513 (Wagner R-7th) – Creates the Hampton Roads Transportation Authority to manage regional transportation planning in Planning District 23.  Project approval moves to the new authority effective July 1, 2015.  (SUPPORT)

HB623 (Watts D-39th) – Replaces the $64 annual license tax on hybrid electric vehicles with a $64 annual road usage fee on any other motor vehicle that has a combined fuel economy rating equal to or greater than 40 MPG.  (OPPOSED)

HB1090 (Villanueva R-21st) – Requires Secretary of Transportation to revise and update the state’s Smart Travel Program of 2006 to incorporate new technologies and innovations in transportation.  (SUPPORT)




Workers Compensation

HB1017 (Kilgore R-1st) and HB1083 (Ware R-65th) – Limits the liability of an employer for medical treatment provided to an injured person that is rendered by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant serving as an assistant at surgery to no more than 20% of the charge of the physician performing the surgery.  (SUPPORT)

Employment Law

HB833 (Keam D-35th) – Requires private employers to allow an employee safe days, with pay, if the employee or a family member is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.  (OPPOSED)

Port of Virginia

HB873 (Jones R-76th) – Ports Tax Credits – Changes Virginia’s ports-related tax credits by increasing the annual amount of international trade facility tax credits that may be issued from $250K to $1.25M.  Reduces the amount from 10% to 5% of the minimum annual increase in cargo transported through a maritime port that is a condition of eligibility for the international trade facility tax credit.  (SUPPORT)

HB876 (Jones R-76th) – Changes composition of the Virginia Port Authority.

Economic Development

SB267 (Stanley R-20th) – Provides that the Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority shall develop a program by which local industrial parks may become certified by the Commonwealth.  Factors such as planning, zoning, engineering, title ownership and general developmental readiness.

HB932 (Landes R-25th) and SB492 (McWaters R-8th) – Changes the administration of the Virginia Jobs Investment Program from the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity to the Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority.  (SUPPORT)

HB350 (James D-80th) – Expands the criteria for designation as an enterprise zone.  (SUPPORT)

HB460 (Kilgore R-1st) – Increases the percentage of qualifying expenses for the motion picture production credit.  (SUPPORT)




Higher Education

HB869 (Jones R-76th) and SB394 (Stosch R-12th) – Authorizes the Treasury Board to issue bonds pursuant to Article X, Section 9 © of the Constitution of Virginia in an amount of up to $154,787,000 plus financing cost to finance revenue – producing capital projects at institutions of higher learning.  (SUPPORT)

Minimum Wage

HB536 (Plum D-36th) – Increases the minimum wage from its current federally mandated level to $8.25 per hour.  (Opposed to changes that are not federally mandated).


HB734 (O’Quinn R-5th) – Virginia Beach Arena - Provides that the City of Virginia Beach may use its Arena Financing Fund to collect sales and use tax revenues and remit such revenues to the private facility owner as a contribution toward the cost of the facility if the city has contributed infrastructure or real property to the owner.


Corporate Market – Based Sourcing (Davis R-84th) – Corporate Income Tax, market based sourcing changes the way the sales factor is determined, for purposes of the corporate income tax, so that it will be market-based sourcing rather than cost of performance.  (Strategically monitoring this bill and securing feedback).

Hospitality and Tourism

SB178 (McWaters R-8th) – Allows tour companies that transport tour participants to a wine or beer tasting to collect fees from tour participants for the sole purpose of remitting such fees to the licensed winery or brewery conducting the tasting event.  (SUPPORT)

HB386 (Comstock R-34th) – Makes local school boards responsible for setting school calendar.  (OPPOSED)

HB577 (Stolle R-83rd) – Opening of school year -  If 15% of local schools failed to achieve full accreditation status, permits a local superintendent with board approval to set the academic calendar for any school.  (OPPOSED)

HB610 (Robinson R-27th) – Makes school boards responsible for setting school calendar.  (OPPOSED)



HB 697 (Poindexter R-9th), HB1071 (Fariss R-59th) and SB530 (Hanger R-24th) – Delays the date that local governments will have to assume responsibility for administering the Stormwater Management Program from July 1, 2014 to July 1, 2015.  (SUPPORT)

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