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Norfolk Fair Trade Company

Norfolk Fair Trade Company
Norfolk Fair Trade Company
Norfolk Fair Trade Company
New event at NFTCO

In the business of today, marketing goes beyond just simply telling people what you do and what to buy. It is really
about reaching out to your customer in a way that speaks to them. You must educate them by sharing your vision and
value to meet their needs. The most engaging and effective way to do this - storytelling.

@NFTCO in this learning nugget, you will learn and practice fundamentals of how to educate your customer through story
telling in your unique business voice. With the help of an entrepreneurial coach, you will create content for your
audience, set up a blog for your business, and begin an action plan for your new business blog.

Join us Saturday, January 17th from 1pm - 5pm in the NFTCO Learning Lab! Please bring your laptop, tablet, or device
you use for social media and writing. All other materials will be provided. (Limit 6).

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