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The New General Assembly

The New General Assembly
The New General Assembly
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The New General Assembly


The 2012 General Assembly session will convene on Wednesday, January 11, at 12 noon. The new General Assembly is slightly younger, has a more masculine face and a little bit different accent.   That is because the members taking their seats for the first time are not only younger but are also more likely to be men and less likely to have been born in Virginia.

That’s according to a Virginia Public Access Project analysis of how the new legislators have changed the overall demographics of each chamber. Get photos, demographic information for each new Delegate and Senator at

Here are some facts about the 2012 General Assembly:

  • There are 115 men and 25 women, down from 27 women in the 2011 General Assembly.
  • Incoming legislators average 43 years in age, compared 55 years for the 2011 General Assembly.
  • In the Senate, there is a second 20-20 split between native and non-native Virginians. Over in the House, the number of Virginia-born will remain unchanged: 54 native Virginians and 46 members born outside the state.


Get to know the new lawmakers by clicking here.


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