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MCO Transport, Inc. Expands Operation into Chesapeake

MCO Transport, Inc. Expands Operation into Chesapeake
MCO Transport, Inc. Expands Operation into Chesapeake
MCO Transport, Inc. Expands Operation into Chesapeake

The City of Chesapeake has been chosen as the newest location for MCO Transport, Inc., a transportation company providing local day and long distance container moves. The Chesapeake facility is located at 3064 Yadkin Road and includes an office and three-acre truck court. Within the first twelve months of operation, MCO projects they will employ between 20 and 25 truck drivers as well as a terminal manager and a dispatcher.

“MCO Transport is a well-respected company in the transportation solutions industry,” said Chesapeake’s Economic Development Director Steven Wright. “We are extremely excited that MCO has chosen a Chesapeake location for their expansion into Hampton Roads. We are confident that Chesapeake’s unique transportation infrastructure and central location will play an integral role in MCO’s continued growth.”

Established in 1975, MCO has grown from its initial role as a special commodities carrier to an intrastate and interstate carrier, boasting a diverse local, regional and national clientele with state of the art terminals in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The company, headquartered in Wilmington, NC, maintains a strict code of professionalism and affords their customers safe, dedicated and personalized service of their transportation and warehousing needs.

The expansion of MCO Transport into the Hampton Roads region was the result of service demand from their existing customers and coordination with the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance partnering with the Port of Virginia and the City of Chesapeake. “We were impressed with the level of cooperation between the City of Chesapeake, the Alliance and the Port of Virginia,” said Francis McComas, Vice President of MCO Transport. “The business climate of the Hampton Roads region inspires confidence that MCO’s new facility in Chesapeake will enable our ongoing proficient transport of goods.”

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